open discussion
APEC Open Mic
The Community Forum For Breakthrough Propulsion

Hey, rock star – are you ready to share that brilliant warp-drive, gravity modification, or UAP physics idea you’ve been working on yet? APEC™ Open Mic gives you the chance to talk shop with the greatest minds in emerging propulsion physics & engineering and collaboratively solve problems in real-time.

APEC™ Open Mic is a monthly moderated forum discussion that builds on the success of our open discussion sessions to allows scientists, engineers & innovators to share ideas, brainstorm collaboratively, and solve problems in a group environment. Quit waiting to be discovered – It’s time to step up to the mic.

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Real-Time Collaboration
Beyond Open Discussion
Open Mic Takes It To A Whole New Level

The APEC Conference started with open discussion – and now we’re taking it to a whole new level with APEC™ Open Mic. This is a twice-monthly moderated forum discussion that allows scientists, engineers & innovators to share new ideas, brainstorm in a collaborative environment, and solve problems in a supportive group environment.

Conference Q&A questions, general discussion, and APEC’s famous ad-hoc presentations will all take place during APEC’s open discussion. Open Mic is a new part of our conference program that we created to foster unhindered open communication and allow attendees to communicate, collaborate & update each other on the latest news & research.

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