The Origins Of APEC
The APEC Conference
An Open Forum For Emerging Innovation

APEC is an open, community-based conference bringing together scientists, engineers & innovators in a supportive, open forum to discuss research into emerging propulsion technologies.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a conference, though: we’ve created a community forum for innovators to meet & discuss their work, and our list of speakers includes nearly all of the top names in emerging propulsion research.

You might think of APEC as a “conference of conferences”, because we provide an online monthly gathering place frequented by attendees, presenters, and even conference moderators from all of the past peer-review conferences.

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Other Influences
Bringing Innovators Together
APEC Is More Than Just A Conference

APEC is more than just a conference – it’s a growing, dynamic community of innovators who share the dream of propellantless propulsion and come together to discuss science, technology, and innovation.

In addition to major conference events, we draw inspiration from BAE Project Greenglow, Nick Cook’s “The Hunt For Zero Point”, the Searl Effect, John Hutchison & George Hathaway’s research, along with conventional concepts like fusion drives, light-sails, space-elevators, and more.

Finally, we’re proud to honor a 75-year legacy of experimental research by thousands of innovators around the globe. These are the builders replicating Inertial Propulsion, Biefeld-Brown Effect, and many other technologies.

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