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The APEC Founders
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APEC is an open, community-based conference bringing together scientists, engineers & innovators in a supportive, open forum to discuss research into emerging propulsion technologies.

Our conference was founded in November, 2020 by Mark Sokol, Jeremiah Popp, Tim Ventura & Jeremy Rys, with the shared goal of providing a forum to promote interest & awareness for alt propulsion.

Since our founding, we’re proud to have hosted dozens of conference sessions featuring over 100 innovators, and hundreds of thousands of views across our Zoom, YouTube, Facebook & other channels.

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Meet Our Team

Tim Ventura

Conference Moderator &
Founder of American Antigravity

Mark Sokol

Organizer, Experimenter &
Founder of Falcon Space

Jeremiah Popp

Experimenter & Founder of
Exotic Propulsion Technologies SP

Jeremy Rys

Media Broadcaster &
Founder of Alien Scientist

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Along with updates on our work, you can also contact us through Facebook Messenger and on other channels to inquire about product updates & partner opportunities. We respond quickly to all requests and we’re happy to share with you our latest developments.

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