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Here’s to the builders, the makers, & the engineers – the people making dreams come true. It’s one thing to have a brilliant idea, something else entirely to put it into action. APEC is a proud partner with dozens of indy labs, garage experimenters and startups researching warp-drives, gravity-modification, and UAP physics.

Lab updates have been a part of APEC™ Webinars since the beginning, and every conference session features updates from a select group of active lab partners and garage experimenters. We’re also happy to share periodic news & updates from other groups constructing devices & doing experiments when they have results to share.

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“Here's to the builders, the makers, & the engineers - the people making dreams come true...”

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APEC Webinars have featured dozens of live experimental demos from builders around the world. These innovators come to APEC to demonstrate their progress, share their victories, and seek help overcoming the challenges they encounter as they work to construct devices utilizing new forms of propulsion.

APEC™ Open Mic takes our focus on builders even further, with speaking priority for innovators actually building and testing experimental devices, along with ad hoc presentations from the maker community. A lot of people can talk the talk – but if you can walk the walk we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Organizations Appearing On APEC

  • Space Warp Dynamics (David Pares)
  • Quantum Gravity Research (David Chester)
  • Search Data Lab (Amar Vakil)
  • Evolving Science & Engineering (Remi Cornwall)
  • Sarfatti Science Seminars (Jack Sarfatti)
  • World Advanced Research Projects Agency (Jean-François Geneste)
  • iSETI (Benjamin Solomon)
  • Starburst Foundation (Paul LaViolette)
  • Morningstar Applied Physics (Paul Murad)
  • Seculine Consulting (Gary Stephenson)
  • Frontier Gravity, LLC (Jacob Helvey)
  • Fornux, Inc (Phil Bouchard)
  • Physics From The Edge (Mike McCullough)
  • Warp Drive Tech (Todd Desiato)
  • Fail Forward Research (Wayne Ojala)