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The EmDrive Isn’t Dead Yet ... Says the Guy Who Invented the EmDrive

Yes, the “impossible” engine failed critical thrust tests. But that was always going to happen, this scientist claims.

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Inside The World's Most Exclusive (and Strange) Anti-Gravity Club

Welcome to the wildest science club on the internet tackling anti-gravity and breakthrough propulsion. Welcome to APEC.


NASA, DARPA, MIT Scientists Met to Discuss “Anti-Gravity” Tech

A number of NASA, Air Force, DARPA, and MIT scientists are regularly meeting on Zoom to discuss “anti-gravity” science and technologies.

Interesting Engineering

Anti-Gravity Tech? NASA, DARPA, and MIT Debate the Future of Propulsion

Scientists have explored topics ranging from non-Newtonian propulsion to unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

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Meet the Man Building an Anti-Gravity Device...

Chris Plain Falls Down The Rabbit Hole With The Man Trying To Detect Warp Signatures and Defy Gravity.


NASA, DARPA and MIT Scientists Discuss “Otherworldly” Anti-Gravity Tech

Everyone has heard the stories of secret technologies developed by the United States or Russia or various agencies around the world.


NASA & MIT Scientists United With Fringe Theorists Last Year To Defeat Gravity

What do you get if you put dozens of working scientists from places like NASA & DARPA in a room with a bunch of Star Trek nerds…

The Other Side Of Midnight

Inside APEC and The United States Space Force (With Tim Ventura)

A discussion of the technology & geopolitical trends driving the creation of the USSF and the APEC Conference.

Scientist Study

NASA, MIT and DARPA Researchers Meet to Discuss 'Antigravity' Technologies

Antigravity is the idea of ​​a technology, applied to an object or to a space, making it possible to “cancel” gravity…

The Other Side Of Midnight

Anti-Gravity: The Key To Everything (With Mark Sokol)

The dream of true “anti-gravity” has been the Holy Grail of science for over a hundred years. Now, it may finally be coming true.

The Singularity Lab

Alternative Propulsion & Breaking Technology

Tim Ventura describes the origin & goals of the APEC Conference and offers insight into the future of space technology and more.

The Singularity Lab

Antigravity Device Engineering & Warp Drive Detector

Mark Sokol, the 33-year-old founder of Falcon Space, is aiming to make his company the world’s first to create anti-gravity…

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Alternative Propulsion Conference to Showcase Live "Anti-Gravity" Experiments

The Alternative Propulsion Energy Conference (APEC) will livestream anti-gravity related experiments online this Saturday, November 13, 2021