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APEC™ Webinars have united an eclectic mix of Harvard-trained PhDs, NASA scientists, engineers from DARPA and The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), and passionate garage hobbyists. Together, we’re working to master gravity & make breakthrough propulsion a reality.

We’ve featured over a hundred of the top subject matter experts in field-effect propulsion, gravity-modification, and UAP physics research, ranging from theoretical physicists publishing peer-review papers to gravity-hackers reverse-engineering UFOs in their garage. It’s beyond epic – it’s APEC™.

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APEC Streaming Format
Live Streaming For Conference Webinars

After nearly 50 events, we’re proud to launch an all-new live, streaming webinar format that applies lessons-learned to provide a better, higher-quality, and more focused presentation environment designed to help physicists, engineers & innovators communicate their breakthrough propulsion ideas as easily, intuitively & as possible in our exclusive format.

APEC™ is the premier conference destination for cutting-edge technologies including warp-drives, gravity-modification, and UAP physics – as well as energy & supporting technologies that enable them. We’re exploring the physics, engineering, and implementation of these systems, with a focus on actual implementation of the ideas presented at the conference.

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