Presenting At APEC

The Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference  (APEC™) is the premier conference destination for cutting-edge technologies including warp-drives, gravity-modification, and UAP physics – as well as energy & supporting technologies that enable them. We accept presentations related to physics, engineering, and implementation of these systems, with a focus on actual implementation of the ideas presented at the conference. If you have a presentation you’d like to deliver at an upcoming conference, please tell us below!

Presenter Requirements

Please submit the following to the conference organizer:

  1. A brief 1-paragraph summary of your talk, naming any key technologies or focus topics being covered. This should be written for a general audience familiar with scientific concepts, similar to Popular Science or Mechanics.
  2. A presenter bio statement, at least 1 to 6 paragraphs in length, outlining the presenters key educational credentials and highlighting your subject matter expertise. This will be used on a bio page for each presenter.
  3. A bio image of the presenter to be used on the website. Smartphone images are acceptable, and presenter should appear well groomed, keeping in mind this image reflects the professional nature of the presenter’s research.
  4. Links to the presenters website, hosted online presentations, social media profiles, or other relevant materials. We do NOT publish email addresses online to prevent spam.

Sharing Files In StreamYard

We use StreamYard for webinars, a web-based streaming platform that works best with the Chrome browser. StreamYard supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera, but not Safari.

Browser Permissions: When you join the webinar, please grant permission to StreamYard to access your camera and microphone. Learn about guest instructions for StreamYard.

Sharing Files: Upload your PowerPoint or PDF presentation immediately when you join the presentation to avoid delays. 50mb limit, and please upload videos separately (do not embed videos in PowerPoint slides.) Learn how to share PPTs / PDFs and Learn how to share a browser window.

Video/Audio Settings: This is easy to change using the web interface. Learn about changing your camera & audio settings

What You Can Expect

Presenters should be prepared for the following:

  1. Introduction: You’ll be introduced by the moderator before you begin, using the bio you sent prior to the conference.
  2. Presentation Length: Each presentation is 1-hour in length unless otherwise agreed upon. Please consider practicing your presentation before the conference to ensure you don’t run over time.
  3. Slide Shows: Presenters are encouraged to use PowerPoint or PDF slides, but this is not required. Presentations may be mixed (PowerPoint, Files, Videos, etc…)
  4. Q&A Sessions: Q&A depends on time & scheduling constraints, but webinar guests may ask questions after your presentation, along with questions from live chat.
  5. Interruptions: Webinar presentations are structured, and audience interruptions of presenters are not possible during StreamYard webinars.

Improving Your Presentation

Here are things you can do to deliver the best presentation possible:

  1. Environment: Please be in a quiet, well-lit environment while presenting. Light sources should be in front of you (lamps), not behind you (windows).
  2. Video & Sound: Web-cameras are required for presenters. If you have audio issues such as echo, consider a wired headset like the Logitech Zone 750.
  3. Internet: WiFi connections tend to drop during long streams. Consider connecting to your modem with an ethernet cable or situating yourself close to your wifi router during the presentation.
  4. YouTube: Playing YouTube videos as part of the presentation is discouraged, as these tend to incur copyright strikes (especially videos with sound & music).
  5. Professionalism: Presenters should attempt to present themselves in a professional manner suitable for a large, diverse audience.