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The APEC conference started during the Pandemic, when Mark Sokol, Jeremiah Popp, Tim Ventura & Jeremy Rys started doing Zoom calls to discuss emerging concepts in propulsion physics. That was November of 2020, and it didn’t take long before word of mouth grew our meetings into a regular monthly call.

Long-time community innovator Ron Kita called APEC “The Woodstock of Antigravity”, but as the conference matured, we separated it into theory presentations and lab demos – and later into bi-monthly calls for presentations and open discussion.

Over the last few years, we’ve hosted over 60 conference sessions featuring over 100 innovators, and our core team of regular conference participants has grown as well. Our current lineup of team members helping bring each conference together is listed below.

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growth & change
Our Team Evolves
Transforming The APEC Conference

Over the last few years, as the APEC Conference has grown and changed, so has our team. We’re proud of team additions like Dr. David Chester, a noted physicist with experience in gravitational physics & quantum gravity. Along with materials chemistry specialists like Michael Perrone and experimental virtuoso’s like Jeremiah Popp, our skillset is becoming more diverse.

Diverse knowledge & experience are our strength. APEC represents the entire alt propulsion community, not just a single concept – and we’ve participated in replicating dozens of key experiments ranging from weight-loss in superconductors to homebuilt ion-drives, the Podkletnov Force Beam, Alexey Chekurkov’s Graviflyer, and much more.

APEC™ is the premier conference destination for cutting-edge technologies including warp-drives, gravity-modification, and UAP physics – as well as energy & supporting technologies that enable them. We’re exploring the physics, engineering, and implementation of these systems, with a focus on actual implementation of the ideas presented at the conference.

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