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Learn about APEC and chat with our team, presenters & fans on the WhatsApp APEC channel while you stay up to date on the latest research and experiments in the alternative propulsion community.

You can join our channels using WhatsApp, the most popular global mobile messenger app worldwide with approximately two billion monthly active users. Simply click on the links on this page to join our APEC channels.

Connect with us using the APEC Community Link to get the latest details on a wide variety of research projects from across the Alt Propulsion ecosystem. Chat with us today to learn more!

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Sometimes a breakthrough takes more space – and with the APEC Discussion Forum on Tapatalk, we’ve got you covered. Forums are well suited for discussions where not all participants have to be online at the same time, and a great way of creating a long-term, searchable record of innovation online.

The APEC Discussion Forum offers a fast, responsive & aethestically pleasing interface combined with a rich HTML editor & media hosting capabilities to discuss everything related to emerging propulsion technology. Our Tapatalk forum platform also has free mobile apps for both Android and IOS to let you converse with colleagues from any device or geographic location.

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