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APEC 3/6: Pais Navy Gravity Patents & The Horizon Drive

Dr. Paul LaViolette will be presenting on The Pais Navy Gravity Engineering Patents, and Dr. Mike McCulloch will be presenting on Quantized Inertia and the Horizon Drive. Next, Mark Sokol & Jeremiah…

APEC 2/20: UAPs & Breakthrough Propulsion

Paul Murad will be presenting an in-depth analysis of UAP & UFO phenomena spanning 7 continents & over a century of time. He’ll also be discussing social & geopolitical ramifications of this…

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    APEC 2/13: Antigravity, Inertial Propulsion & Exotic Materials

    Jean-François Geneste discusses a novel approach to antigravity & gravity-shielding via coupling with the electromagnetic force, Mike Gamble presents on a study of the Earth's gravitational system &…

    APEC 1/30: Quantum Gravity, Zero-Point Energy & UAPs

    Bill Alek presents engineering-level approaches to antigravity and showcases ZPE demo machines that he has constructed. David Chester provides an overview of quantum gravity for engineers and talks…

    APEC 1/16: BAE Greenglow and UAPs, UFOs & Government

    Learn about the origins of the BAE Greenglow Project with Ron Evans, the current state of UAP & UFO’s in government with Nick Pope, the BESA-Sadat UAP threat analysis, and see demonstrations for a…

    APEC 12/12: HFGW Engineering & Quantum NMR Gravity

    Gary Stephenson describes High-Frequency Gravitational Wave engineering and offers insights into the operation of the "Tic Tac" UAP filmed by the US Navy. He also shares details on the use of…

    About The APEC Conference

    The Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference (APEC) is a fully online, Zoom-based conference on emerging propulsion research. It began as a diversion from the COVID pandemic & political unrest, and has built an audience of thousands of viewers worldwide.

    APEC is focused on gravity-modification, inertial propulsion, warp-drives, and field-effect propulsion. Anything you’d see in Star Trek, we’re interested in. We respect theoretical physics, but we’re an engineering conference, which means we’re always on the lookout for experimental methods to test & validate new ideas.

    Our conference presenters & attendees include a diverse collection of PhD physicists, engineers & garage-experimenters who have come together in a single forum. Our participants range from theoretical physicists publishing peer-review papers on quantum & relativity theory to gravity-hackers trying to reverse-engineer UFOs in their garage. We view this diversity as a strength, as it helps cross-pollinate this research with a variety of perspectives.

    Our audience is diverse, but we’re united by a shared belief –  rockets are the “horse and buggy” of the space age. APEC is about what comes next. We’ve already seen visions of future propulsion in over a century of science-fiction books, TV & movies – now it’s time to make it real. Humanity needs to move beyond rockets to continue exploring the universe, and the time to start that research is now.

    Conference Presenters

    Going Beyond Rockets

    As private-sector ventures by Musk, Bezos and others help humanity push beyond Earth’s boundaries, the limitations of chemical propulsion are becoming apparent. Rockets are a short-term solution for reaching space, but their limited speed, expensive cost & the pollution they cause leave us in need of a better long-term solution.

    APEC has enlisted dozens of the top innovators in exotic propulsion in what has been called “The Woodstock of Antigravity” – an open, collaborative environment seeking to cross-pollinate scientific discovery and engineering achievement. Our conference has featured dozens of the subject matter experts in field-effect propulsion & gravity-modification research, and as we continue to explore new ideas our collaboration continues to grow.

    These risk-takers are essential to going beyond the status quo and developing innovative new technologies. They break the rules, learn how to “fail fast”, and ultimately create new industries by forging ahead where others dare to tread.

    We balance wild innovation with the strong relationships we’ve forged within the aerospace & scientific establishment, and we recognize that both types of approaches are required for real, long-term achievement. Open-mindedness and scientific rigor are both required. There’s often a tension involved between these two approaches, but without either of them progress is impossible.

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