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APEC 1/7: Electron Air, Exotic Physics & UAPs

Ethan Krauss on Electron Air, Dave Rossi on A New Perspective On Old Physics, Jeremy Rys on the UAP Technical Briefing 2023 Update, Mark Sokol on the Podkletnov Impulse Generator, Wayne Ojala on…

APEC 12/10: Hypersonic MHD & Warp-Drive Propulsion

Justin Pearson will discuss the Baldwin Aerospace approach to Hypersonic MHD propulsion; Greg Hodgin will talk about the ZC Industries Warp-Drive; Mark Sokol will demonstrate a rebuilt Podkletnov…

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    APEC 11/12: Two Year Anniversary!

    Tim Ventura will lead a 2-year anniversary retrospective; Mark Sokol will provide an overview of the Alzofon NMR gravity-modification and demonstrate the Hallbach coil array, Marx Impulse Gravitator…

    APEC 10/22: Impulse Driver, Finite Theory & Alzofon Propulsion

    Ted Pittman will discuss the Impulse Driver, Phil Bouchard will describe Finite Theory, Mark Sokol & Professor Kieth Earle will be presenting on the Alzofon Dynamic Nuclear Orientation Experiment,…

    APEC 9/17: UAPs, AARO & Mach Effect Propulsion

    James Woodward will discuss Mach's Principle and his team's Mach Effect Thruster experiments, Franc Milburn will provide details on UAPs & the DoD's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), and…

    APEC 8/13: UAPs, The Theory Of Everything & Inertial Propulsion

    David Sereda will discuss Boyd Bushman's hypothesis for UAP propulsion, Mike Brace will present a new approach to understanding & modifying gravity in a new physical model he has created, Mike Melia,…


    Tim Ventura

    Conference Moderator &
    Founder of American Antigravity

    Mark Sokol

    Organizer, Experimenter &
    Founder of Falcon Space

    Jeremiah Popp

    Experimenter & Founder of
    Exotic Propulsion Technologies SP

    Jeremy Rys

    Media Broadcaster &
    Founder of Alien Scientist

    About The APEC Conference

    The Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference (APEC) is a fully online, Zoom-based conference on emerging propulsion research including  gravity-modification, inertial propulsion, warp-drives, and field-effect propulsion. Our conference presenters & attendees include a diverse collection of PhD physicists, engineers & garage-experimenters who have come together in a single forum.

    Our participants range from theoretical physicists publishing peer-review papers on quantum & relativity theory to gravity-hackers trying to reverse-engineer UFOs in their garage. We respect theoretical physics, but we’re an engineering conference, which means we’re always on the lookout for new experimental methods. APEC has enlisted dozens of the top innovators in exotic propulsion in what has been called “The Woodstock of Antigravity” – an open, collaborative environment seeking to cross-pollinate scientific discovery and engineering achievement.

    Our conference has featured dozens of the subject matter experts in field-effect propulsion & gravity-modification research, and as we continue to explore new ideas our collaboration continues to grow.

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