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APEC 8/3: The Biefeld-Brown Effect, Riemann Hypothesis & Torsion Physics

Matti Pitkänen will present a Topological Geometrodynamics View of the Biefeld–Brown Effect, Ryan Wood will discuss Antigravity & UFO Reverse-Engineering Black Projects, Alex Wolf III will present a Comprehensive Solution to the Riemann Hypothesis,…

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    APEC 7/6: Electrostatic Propulsion, Art’s Parts & The Meissner Effect

    Al Baur will discuss levitation & propulsion in an electrostatic field, Nathan Inan discusses Superconductor Meissner Effects for…

    APEC 6/8: Spintronics, Gravitational Physics & Warp-Drives

    Russell Anderson will discuss Spintronics Generators, Shiva Meucci will discuss the Vortex Model of Spacetime, David Chester will discuss…

    APEC 5/11: The Race To Infinity, The Searl Effect & EVOs

    Brendan McNamara will present "The Race To Infinity: Interstellar Propulsion", Russell Anderson will discuss the history of John Searl & The Searl…

    APEC 4/20: Space Elevator, Graviflyer & QGEM Theory

    Ned Popovich will discuss Space Elevators, Nathan Bunten on Graviflyer Experiments, Tom Valone on the development of a Ufology & Astrosociology…




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