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APEC 11/25: Superforce, UAP Tracking & Prime Numbers

Salvatore Pais & John Brandenburg will discuss the "Superforce", Mitch Randall will explain passive radar for UAP tracking, Hugh Deasy will explain his research into Prime Numbers and applications for breakthrough propulsion & Jack Sarfatti will…

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    APEC 10/28: Optical Unification, SQK, Mega-Drive & SEG

    Tiziano Fulceri will discuss optics as a fundamental unification paradigm for gravity, Brendan Darrer will provide a detailed analysis of Subquantum…

    APEC 9/30: UAP Propulsion, Physics & Materials

    Jeremy Rys will present a completely updated analysis of reverse-engineered UAP technology, David Chester will provide a quantitative analogy between…

    APEC 9/2: Quantum Gravitons, Interstellar Propulsion & GEM Theory

    Mark Calvo will present the CBU Quantum Graviton Paper, Tami Pudina will discuss Interstellar Propulsion, and John Brandenburg will discuss GEM…

    APEC 8/5: Spin-Gravity, UAP Analysis & Panel Discussion

    Dr. Raymond Chiao will discuss Spin-Gravity Coupling between EM & GR, Dr. Kevin Knuth will provide an analysis of the UAP Phenomenon &…




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