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APEC 6/10: WARP Reactor, VEM Drive & UAP Update

Dr. Michael G. Anderson will discuss the WARP Reactor concept, David Pares will describe new experiments with the Variable Electromagnetic Drive, and Gary Stephenson will provide a detailed update on…

APEC 1/7: Electron Air, Exotic Physics & UAPs

Ethan Krauss on Electron Air, Dave Rossi on A New Perspective On Old Physics, Jeremy Rys on the UAP Technical Briefing 2023 Update, Mark Sokol on the Podkletnov Impulse Generator, Wayne Ojala on…

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The Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference (APEC™) is a live online event discussing warp-drives, gravity-modification & UAP physics featuring hundreds of top physicists, engineers, & innovators. Register now for the APEC email list for event invitations, speaker details & replay info.

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    APEC 12/10: Hypersonic MHD & Warp-Drive Propulsion

    Justin Pearson will discuss the Baldwin Aerospace approach to Hypersonic MHD propulsion; Greg Hodgin will talk about the ZC Industries Warp-Drive; Mark Sokol will demonstrate a rebuilt Podkletnov…

    APEC 11/12: Two Year Anniversary!

    Tim Ventura will lead a 2-year anniversary retrospective; Mark Sokol will provide an overview of the Alzofon NMR gravity-modification and demonstrate the Hallbach coil array, Marx Impulse Gravitator…

    APEC 10/22: Impulse Driver, Finite Theory & Alzofon Propulsion

    Ted Pittman will discuss the Impulse Driver, Phil Bouchard will describe Finite Theory, Mark Sokol & Professor Kieth Earle will be presenting on the Alzofon Dynamic Nuclear Orientation Experiment,…

    APEC 9/17: UAPs, AARO & Mach Effect Propulsion

    James Woodward will discuss Mach's Principle and his team's Mach Effect Thruster experiments, Franc Milburn will provide details on UAPs & the DoD's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), and…

    Expert Presentations
    APEC Webinars
    Learn From Top Scientists & Engineers

    The legend returns. For serious researchers, APEC™ Webinars need no introduction. We’ve featured over a hundred of the top subject matter experts in field-effect propulsion, gravity-modification, and UAP physics research, ranging from theoretical physicists publishing peer-review papers to gravity-hackers reverse-engineering UFOs in their garage.

    After nearly 50 events, we’re proud to launch an all-new live, streaming webinar format that applies lessons-learned to provide a better, higher-quality, and more focused presentation environment designed to help physicists, engineers & innovators communicate their breakthrough propulsion ideas as easily, intuitively & as possible in our exclusive format.

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    open discussion
    APEC Open Mic
    The Community Forum For Breakthrough Propulsion

    The APEC Conference started with open discussion – and now we’re taking it to a whole new level with APEC™ Open Mic. This is a twice-monthly moderated forum discussion that allows scientists, engineers & innovators to share new ideas, brainstorm in a collaborative environment, and solve problems in a supportive group environment.

    Conference Q&A questions, general discussion, and APEC’s famous ad-hoc presentations will all take place during APEC’s open discussion. Open Mic is a new part of our conference program that we created to foster unhindered open communication and allow attendees to communicate, collaborate & update each other on the latest news & research.

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    Press Coverage
    APEC In The Media
    APEC's Honorable Mentions In The Media

    APEC has been featured in popular media outlets such as Popular Mechanics and The Debrief. Now, with the upcoming re-launch, the conference aims to continue its legacy of exploring novel and innovative approaches to space travel, while fostering a deeper understanding of the emerging physics that makes it possible.

    Members of the press are welcome to attend the conference, and interviews can be arranged with selected presenters. To learn more about the event and secure a press pass, please contact us using the contact form on this site and we’ll respond ASAP with details about the conference and upcoming events.

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    Discussion & Chat Forums
    The APEC Community Is Available 24/7 Online

    Learn about APEC and chat with our team, presenters & fans on the WhatsApp APEC channel while you stay up to date on the latest research and experiments in the alternative propulsion community.

    Connect with us to get the latest details on a wide variety of research projects from across the Alt Propulsion ecosystem. Chat with us today to learn more!

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