Bryan St.Clair is an independent experimentalist and the founder of Stclairtech R&D, which is focused on a variety of alternative technologies, including new work building upon the inertial propulsion framework developed by Brandson “Roy” Thornson in the 1970s and into the 1980s.

Bryan started Stclairtech R&D in the ‘90’s while researching alternative energy generating systems and alternative fuel systems for automotive applications.

After building several operational prototypes in the alternate fuel field, and giving away the tech info., he has turned to the alternate propulsion field building (in part) upon the work of Roy Thornson. This work, to date, is fully open source and available to the public via his website which has links to tech data as well as videos.

His current work is revolving around putting together an electric hybrid add-on system that will operate in virtually any type of vehicle and his work (at this time) remains freely accessible.


• Website: StClairTech R&D