Jack Sarfatti has a physics Ph.D. from the University of California. He taught physics at San Diego State University. He worked with David Bohm at Birkbeck College (University of London) and with Abdus Salam at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy. He has been working on the post-quantum physics of consciousness and the paranormal since he directed the famous Esalen Seminars in 1976 described by Gary Zukav in “The Dancing Wu Li Masters”.

Jack’s concept for propulsion originally held the negative refractive index of certain metamaterials can create a negative energy density, which combined with Bose–Einstein condensate can reduce the speed of light within the metamaterial to create anti-gravity effects. He believes that metamaterials are a key to space-time metric engineering within the constraints of General Relativity theory and facilitate the creation of a low-power warp drive. This was the initial vision he presented in 2011 when presenting an invited paper to DARPA NASA 100 Year Starship symposium.

Since then, his views have evolved:

“It was my view until fall 2019 before I found the Medina-Stephany paper on the 4th-rank electromagnetic susceptibility tensor of matter and realized I had to make the coupling of the electromagnetic field to gravity a local frame transformation invariant but variable in space and time scalar field S(x) (a.k.a zero rank tensor field). It was around beginning of 2020 that my collaboration with physics professor Keith Wanser began in earnest and he further corrected a error in my formulation of the scalar field invariant coupling of electromagnetism to gravity and he formulated a specific expression for S(x) for any simple homogeneous isotropic material containing an external “pump” according to Einstein’s 1916 gravity classical field equation (General Relativity).

I was further concerned at that time (end of 2019) about the imaginary dissipative parts of the S coupling field as well as the additional imaginary parts source stress-energy tensor of the electromagnetic field inside matter. I then remembered Feynman’s Ch 23 Cal Tech Lectures in Physics on resonances in the forced dissipative harmonic oscillator where the imaginary parts of the constitutive parameters cause a relative phase shift between the input driving (pump) field and the output response field. I then realized that it’s this dissipative phase shift between the input electromagnetic field and the output gravitational field that is even more important than negative susceptibilities in creating the “ negative energy” antigravity blue shift expansion of 3D space modeled by Alcubierre for warp drive. That is, we can make low power warp drive fields using resonances in the metamaterial fuselages of the “Tic Tac” (UAV/UFO) controlling whether each meta-atom in the meta-material lattice generates a locally confined evanescent attractive gravity redshift (space contraction) or repulsive antigravity (space expansion) field by modulating the dissipative phase shifts describing the relative amounts of inelastic to elastic scattering of the input pump photons with the real electric charges inside the artificial meta-atoms that are also qubits in a quantum computer architecture that controls the shape of the warp drive field in dogfights against our F18 s et-al.

I also realized that the quantum gravity Hawking-Unruh effect, though usually small, demands that we include all electric charges virtual ZERO POINT FLUCTUATIONS inside the quantum vacuum as well as the real electric charges inside the meta-atom nodes of the layered meta-surface fuselage. This is because the distinction between real and virtual particles is contingent on the local G-force proper acceleration of the observer’s detectors. Einstein’s General Relativity is about two accelerating observers Alice and Bob who are close together (“locally coincident” Einstein’s terms) using far field electromagnetic signals to measure the same objective events that are really happening. Alice and Bob’s raw data is completely different, but when they use the algorithm of Einstein’s theory they compute tensor invariants and wind up with the same set of numbers. This is objective reality independent of the raw measurements of the detectors. Therefore, we must include all electric charges real and virtual in order to keep Einstein’s gravity and Maxwell’s electromagnetic field equations tensor covariant (i.e. of the same algebraic form) for all locally coincident observers on arbitrary subluminal timelike world lines inside their local light cones whether they feel G-forces (non-inertial) or not (inertial).

Finally, the role of effective macro-quantum coherent room temperature superconductors is crucial in getting the giant meta-material resonant peaks that make low power warp drive that we see in the US Navy Close Encounters understandable.

The reason we need cryogenics in today’s superconducting technology is because they operate in thermodynamic equilibrium. Herbert Frohlich showed we can get effective room temperature superconductors (aka coherent Frohlich condensates) by pumping the meta-material into off-thermodynamic equilibrium (Prigogine nonlinear dissipative structures) resonances with the electromagnetic pump fields. This is simply the laser trick using charged quasi-particles of the metamaterial lattice (e.g. polaritons et-al). This narrows down the line width of the S-field resonances (long-range temporal coherence like a laser) and increases the strength (resonant peak) of the S-field resonances.

Warp drive is near field, but Matt Visser has shown how to make Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) by converting far-field electromagnetic pump fields into focussed laser-like gravity beams. Giovanni Modanese may have seen some of these DEW “IGG” effects in the lab using superconductors in thermodynamic equilibrium at cryogenic low temperatures. I mean the room temperature version off Prigogine’s ‘thermodynamic branch.’ The meta-material needs to be activated in order to come to life as a conscious AI (post-quantum PCTC hyper computer in which EPR signaling is dual to ER traversable wormholes beyond Lenny Susskind’s ‘world hologram’ in which there is no EPR signaling and the ER wormholes pinch off leading to the current ‘quantum cryptography’ of the Chi Com Space Internet that may turn out to be another Maginot Line.”


Jack was the basis of the memorable time-travelling Dr. Emmett Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy. He is also working on the connection of the warp drive physics of flying saucers to the new cosmology observations of anti-gravity “dark energy”. He lectures on that in Star Trek IV DVD Special Collector’s Edition (“Time Travel: The Art of the Possible”.)

Jack is the author of Super Cosmos (2005), Destiny Matrix (2002), and Space: Time And Beyond II (Dark Energy) (2002), and coauthor with Fred Alan Wolf and Bob Toben of Space-Time and Beyond: Toward an Explanation of the Unexplainable (1982).

Other publications by Jack include Zero Point Energy Gravity Physics: Of UFOs, Star Gates, Time Travel and Parallel Brane Worlds, Macro-Quantum Vacuum, Exotic Weapons of Mass Destruction & Martin Rees’ “Our Final Hour”, Gravity as local translational symmetry plus spontaneous broken internal symmetry, Wheeler’s World: It From Bit?, Zero Point Energy, The True Story, Emergent Gravity: String Theory Without String Theory and Design for a Superluminal Signaling Device.