Jacob started Frontier Gravity LLC in 2017 as an independent organization devoted to exploring novel ideas in physics related to gravity control. These ideas are experimentally verified with the goal of producing breakthrough propulsion technologies.

Current investigations are focused around the theories of Znidarsic, Ivanov, Reed, Jennison, and Drinkwater who describe the properties of matter from the wave dynamics of a bounded photonic resonator. Inertia is the result of a Doppler effect from a photon reflection within the system in response to an external force. Reactionless propulsion can be accomplished by applying an inverse Doppler effect as a frequency differential within the system to induce motion.

Jacob earned a BS in engineering physics from Morehead State University and a MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Kentucky where he focused on experimental fluid mechanics. He completed an internship at NASA Ames where he helped conduct experiments in the Hypervelocity Free-Flight Facility (HFFF). He also has experience as a test technician related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). He currently works for a defense contractor as a mechanical engineer.