Dr. Paul LaViolette is a pioneer in electrogravitics and frontier science, and the author of several formative books in the field, including Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion and Subquantum Kinetics, along with several other books & many physics papers. He has been president of the Starburst Foundation since 1984, where he has conducted interdisciplinary research in physics, astronomy, geology, climatology, prebiotic evolution, SETI, psychology, and anthropology.

Paul’s theory of Subquantum Kinetics is a novel approach to micro physics that not only accounts for electric, magnetic, gravitational, and nuclear forces in a unified manner, but also resolves many long-standing problems in physics such as the field singularity problem, the wave-particle dualism, and the field source problem, and more.

In 1986, he was the first to cast doubt on the big bang theory by showing that it makes a far poorer fit to existing astronomical data when compared to this new stationary universe tired-light cosmology. Dr. LaViolette is also credited with the discovery of the planetary-stellar mass-luminosity relation which demonstrates that the Jovian planets, brown dwarfs, and red dwarf stars all conform to a common mass-luminosity relation suggesting that energy is spontaneously created in their interiors through over unity photon blue shifting.

In addition, he has developed a new theory of gravity that replaces the deeply flawed theory of general relativity. Predicted by sub quantum kinetics, it accounts for the electro-gravitational field coupling phenomenon discovered by T. Townsend Brown.

He has a BA in physics from Johns Hopkins, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and a PhD from Portland State University, and has done consulting work in innovation for the Greek Government and Fortune 500 companies, along with many other science & technology achievements.