Robert O’Keefe is the founder & CEO of Tachyon Aerospace, which is in the business of designing, manufacturing and launching the world’s first trans-atmospheric flight vehicle (The TAV 1). With keeping the overriding goal of the industry to reduce costs endured by current space missions-to develop solutions that can be implemented with current technologies.

The company was founded in 2016 by Robert O’Keeffe based on his research and breakthroughs through out his career. The technological breakthroughs associated with Tachyon Aerospace represent the next revolutionary step in accessing space.

Through out Robert’s career as an Innovator, he has gained attention and recognition for his series break throughs from the Physics community, political groups to peers within the Aerospace industry-receiving recognition from executives from some of the top Aerospace and defense companies in the world, stating to have the innovative potential to revolutionize space travel.