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Cover Art: "Apollo Missions" by Bob Ranew

APEC 7/6: Electrostatic Propulsion, Art’s Parts & The Meissner Effect

Conference Details

Al Baur will discuss levitation & propulsion in an electrostatic field, Nathan Inan discusses a classical coupling of gravitation & electromagnetism, Shiva Meucci will discuss the experimental record of neoclassical interpretation, and Jarod Yates will discuss Art’s Parts and reported UFO crash recovery samples. We’ll also be hearing updates from our lab partners and finishing off the event with an open discussion by conference attendees!

12:00pm PT – Al Baur – Levitation and Propulsion in an Electrostatic Field

Earnshaw’s theorem states that a collection of point charges cannot be maintained in a stable stationary equilibrium configuration solely by the electrostatic interaction of the charges. This theorem was first proven by British mathematician Samuel Earnshaw in 1842, but Earnshaw did not use ionization as a part of his considerations, where in this system it is the controlling force without PID loop or other feedback systems needed. Al Baur will discuss propulsion experiments based on this exception to the Earnshaw theorem and a new branch in electrostatics.

1:00pm PT – Nathan Inan – Superconductor Meissner Effects for Gravito-Electromagnetic Fields

There is much discrepancy in the literature concerning the possibility of a superconductor expelling gravito-electromagnetic fields just as it expels electromagnetic fields in the Meissner effect. Contradicting results are found in at least 18 papers written collectively by more than 20 authors and published over the course of more than 55 years (from 1966 to the present year of 2024). The primary purpose of this talk is to carefully explain the reason for the discrepancies, and provide a single conclusive treatment which may bring coherence to the subject. The key result is that the gravitomagnetic field is expelled from a superconductor with a penetration depth on the order of the London penetration depth when an appropriate magnetic field is also present.

2:00pm PT – Shiva Meucci – Experimental Record of Neoclassical Interpretation

Starting with the Michelson Morley experiment, skewed interpretation of experimental results has led physics down a blind alley. Experimenter effect and confirmation bias riddle a world where pedantic precision is substituted for comprehension. Bad metaphysics masquerades as no metaphysics.

3:00pm PT – Jarod Yates – Art’s Parts & UFO Crash Recovery Materials

On June 26th, Mark Sokol, Jarod Yates & Tim Ventura had the opportunity for a detailed visual analysis of a piece of the infamous “Art’s Parts” purported UFO material. In this presentation, Jarod will discuss his findings, and explore the history of UFO crash samples, dating back to debris samples taken from 1952 White House UFO encounter, and including more recent analysis by Travis Taylor & Garry Nolan on various purported samples.

4:00pm PT – Lab Partners – Experimental Research Updates

Learn about hands-on engineering & technical research on advanced propulsion experiments by our lab partners. Mark Sokol & the Falcon Space team will describe recent work on NMR / EPR gravity-modification experiments, Jarod Yates & Charles Crawford will provide updates on the Graviflyer, Bryan St. Clair will discuss research being done into new inertial propulsion experiments, and other labs are anticipated to share updates as well during this time.

5:00pm PT – Open Discussion & Ad-Hoc Presentations

Conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time, and our presenters will be available to take questions & discuss experiments.


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