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Cover Art: "Kerbal Space Program" by Ilya Nodia

APEC 6/8: Spintronics, Gravitational Physics & Warp-Drives

Conference Details

Russell Anderson will discuss Spintronics Generators, Shiva Meucci will discuss the Vortex Model of Spacetime, David Chester will discuss Longitudinal Electromagnetic and Gravitational Waves, and Daniel Davis will discuss Quantum Warp-Drives. We’ll also be hearing updates from our lab partners and finishing off the event with an open discussion by conference attendees!

12:00pm PT – Russell Anderson – Spintronics Generators

Russell Anderson is the former CEO of Searl Aerospace Inc, and long-time colleague of Dr. John Searl. He will discuss Spintronics Generators, based on the Searl’s SEG, and explain how these are built and the anticipated output of the device. Anderson describes the self-contained, frictionless, and noiseless generator of electricity from 15kw upwards of 1 to 2 megawatts and beyond. An STG consists of 3 large ring-type stators (generators, about which, or in which a rotor rotates) that are specially magnetized with patterns designed to generate continual motion of similarly magnetized cylindrical rotors. The rotors are free to rotate around the stator rings with mutually interactive eddy currents of induction that form frictionless magnetic bearings between moving parts. In the process, electrons are paired (bosons), accelerated outward and harnessed for their kinetic energy before they eject out to the ionized air.

1:00pm PT – Shiva Meucci – The Vortex Model of Spacetime

In physics, spacetime is a mathematical model that fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional continuum. Diagrams & visual models are valuable in visualizing and understanding relativistic effects such as how different observers perceive the same event. In this presentation, Shiva Meucci will explore new visual models depicting spacetime as a type of superfluid medium, which may exhibiting properties commonly associated with liquids. Shiva will use examples from marine wave mechanics, vortex dynamics, and cymatics to provide insights into the behavior of spacetime, as well as avenues for modifying or manipulating it with forces such as electromagnetism.

2:00pm PT – David Chester – Longitudinal Electromagnetic and Gravitational Waves

While Tesla believed that the aether contained longitudinal modes that related to gravity, Hertz detected transverse electromagnetic waves to support Maxwell’s theory, which inspired Einstein’s relativity and led to general relativity with transverse gravitational waves. Nevertheless, the alternative energy and propulsion community has at times mentioned the possibility of longitudinal electromagnetic waves. Here, we review the off-shell formulation of quantum electrodynamics to isolate longitudinal modes and discuss how they are mathematically expressed in terms of Hertz and Whittaker potentials. A new approach to Einstein’s unified field theory is shown to contain longitudinal electrodynamic modes that are indistinguishable from longitudinal gravitational modes. Perhaps this perspective is a healthy compromise between Tesla and Einstein.

3:00pm PT – Daniel Davis – Quantum Warp-Drive

Daniel will be presenting a lecture on Quantum Warp-Drives that combines the main principles of his previous lectures on this topic with his interpretation of quantum mechanics talk to paint a more comprehensive picture of how warp-rives can used to traverse the Multiverse. He has revised & expanded this lecture after feedback by Jack Sarfatti.

4:00pm PT – Lab Partners – Experimental Research Updates

Learn about hands-on engineering & technical research on advanced propulsion experiments by our lab partners. Mark Sokol & the Falcon Space team will describe recent work on NMR / EPR gravity-modification experiments, Jarod Yates & Charles Crawford will provide updates on the Graviflyer, Bryan St. Clair will discuss research being done into new inertial propulsion experiments, and other labs are anticipated to share updates as well during this time.

5:00pm PT – Open Discussion & Ad-Hoc Presentations

Conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time, and our presenters will be available to take questions & discuss experiments.


Links & Resources

• Cover Art: “Kerbal Space Program” by Ilya Nodia
• Russell Anderson: Spintronics Generators
• Shiva Meucci: Vortex Model of Spacetime
• David Chester: Longitudinal EM & Grav Waves
• Daniel Davis: Quantum Warp-Drives