Bob Greenyer is the Managing Director of GreenChild Imaging Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and has a Bachelor of Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering (Brunel University, London, UK).

Bob came from a farming background and is a serial entrepreneur and ideas man. He principally spends his time in work and play between the UK, Czech Republic and Southern India.

He has worked in the pharmaceuticals, advertising, adult education and finance industries working with several well known blue chip companies along the way. His roles have ranged from product and application design and delivery to corporate image and branding.

As well as helping to start a number of businesses for 3rd Parties he also has an animation and smart device application development business creating home grown products for areas as diverse as entertainment, linguistics and health.

He is deeply interested in science and technology that has the ability to make the world better and more fun. Bob has a young daughter and even younger son and he wants them and their children to enjoy the same rich world he loves.