Dr. Hugh Deasy is a theoretical physicist (BA, MSc, PhD in 1981, 1983, 1986). He was based in TCD and Dunsink Observatory.
  • MSc Thesis Title:  “Period Changes in Magellanic Cepheids”.
  • PhD Thesis Title: “Mass Loss from Classical Cepheids”.

He worked for 3 decades in Aerospace, namely at the European Space Operations Center ESOC of ESA. There, he was in flight dynamics and simulations. He developed programs to control the orbit and attitude of satellites in the LEOP and routine operations phases of their missions. He also was on the launch team of numerous satellites including Envisat, XMM, Integral, some Galileo, Goce, Swarm etc.
In the last few years he has concentrated on developing inventions which include Lorentz force propulsion and also inertial propulsion and energy generation. as well as FTL comms and propulsion (more tentative).


• Hugh Deasy: Fundamental Physics Research