Curtis Horn is a physicist and licensed control systems engineer. Curtis was interested in Physics when I read A Brief History of Time when he was around 12 and also when he saw Cosmos by Carl Sagan. He was a musician at Anaheim High School where he played multiple instruments, primarily he was in Jazz band. His junior year he was first chair trombone, others in the band included the first chair saxophone player Sheila Gonzales and Tony Canal on bass guitar.

He continued to study math and physics in high school. He majored in music when he first went to college at Fullerton College, but soon realized that physics was much less of a challenge and switched majors to physics. His undergraduate degree was completed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his graduate work was at CSU Fullerton and UC Merced. While at Rensselaer Curtis spent much of his time in the library and read many physics books and original works. Curtis has an over 20 year career as a control systems engineer. Prior to choosing UC Merced, Curtis had other opportunities including working at the LHC, which he turned down.

Curtis left UC Merced in 2011 prior to completing his Ph.D program to join an nuclear cleanup startup at was working on the Fukushima cleanup. At CSU Fullerton Curtis’s advisor was Hal Fearn, and Curtis initial interest at CSU Fullerton was Jim Woodward’s Mach Effect experiment, where he hoped to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of the Mach principle. At UC Merced Curtis studies under Roland Winston. Curtis is interested in thinking about physics openly but in a meaningful logical manner, with a basis in rational thought and experimental evidence. His birthday is March 14th. His favorite physics book for people new to physics is ’Thinking Physics’.