Richard is the CEO of Field Propulsion Technologies Inc, focused on developing the next generation of propellant-less space craft propulsion systems. He works as the lead developer developing the next generation of propellant-less propulsion devices based on the interaction of the electric fields from charged isolated elements in relative motion. Electric field intensities change when they are viewed from different inertial frames of references due to the effect of Lorentz contraction of the electric charges.

These changes in the electric field intensities are the basis for the magnetic field when an electric current is flowing in a conductor. When these same charges are electrically isolated from each other and ground, these same charges have electric field changes that can now be different depending on the inertial reference frame that they are observed from. These differences can now be geometrically amplified by the charge holding elements to allow charges in relative motion to observe different electric field interactions.

The Static Displacement Field Drive uses these same electric field differences from electrically isolated charged physical elements in relative motion to create different relativistic electric fields that we use to create thrust from the device. He claims to be able to create and amplify these different relativistic electric fields by using physically connected charged elements, with different microscopic geometries, in relative motion, to create thrust that a spacecraft can use to propel it self without propellant.