Steve is a retired nuclear engineer, working on Professor Fran De Aquino’s System-H ELF gravity-control model. Steve is one of three engineers that developed the first ATL medical color flow Doppler ultrasound. Developed the executive software that managed six microcomputers multi-tasking in real time. He provided microcomputer emulator technical support between Intel and IBM engineering groups for the IBM first and second generation PC platform developments, and designed a digital FPGA HDTV to display a video image onto the Flight Dynamics aircraft head up display. A camera mounted on the aircraft nose overlays an infrared image onto the real world to aid commercial pilots landing in bad weather.

Steve also supported development of the Elster electrical utility meter cell phone interface to the Energy Smart Grid, developed software processing for the Schlumberger thermal neutron density logging tool that identifies oil well hydrocarbon zones, and developed U235 fission proportional counter to monitor low level neutron fluxes in high gamma ray background fields. Fission counter monitors nuclear reaction status during reactor core restarts.