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APEC 1/20: SpaceTime Engineering & Quantum Warp Cores

Conference Details

Kurt Zeller presents on SpaceTime Engineering, Curtis Horn discusses the Sachs-Dirac Matter Field Equations, Alex Wolf III will discuss experimental work with metamaterials, Christopher Maylor describes his research into a Quantum-Based Warp Core, and Shiva Meucci will discuss a NeoClassical Interpretation of Quantum and Relativistic Physics. We’ll also be hearing updates from our lab partners and finishing off the event with an open discussion by conference attendees!


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12:00pm PT – Kurt Zeller – SpaceTime Engineering

The gravitational electromagnetic analogy postulates that our gravitational field is composed of two components: (1) the gravito-electric field (common gravity) and (2) the gravito-magnetic field (a weak inductive orthogonal component). Gravitomagnetic fields are induced via net angular momentum of a mass current – directly analogous to magnetic fields resulting from an electrical current. This talk aims to summarize gravitomagnetic theory and briefly highlight the recent observations that affirm its validity, as well as potential astronomical implications. Translating this theory to the quantum level may suggest that measurable gravitational fields could be created by driving coherent nucleon spin across a well-organized lattice. Experimental anomalies surrounding superconductors may be pointing us in the right direction.

1:00pm PT – Curtis Horn – Sachs-Dirac Matter Field Equations

Curtis Horn will present a paper discussing the Matter Field Equations of Mendel Sachs & Paul Dirac, as well as particle anti-particle pairs and quaternion E&M in further depth. Curtis has presented a number of concepts at APEC, and has worked extensively with Dr. James Woodward’s team on the MEGA Drive and Mach-Effect Propulsion.

2:00pm PT – Alex Wolf III – Armour MetaMaterials R&D Review

Alex provides a detailed review of analysis of experimental metamaterials based On Dr. Mark Moody (NASA Alumni’s) theoretical research on pilot waves. This theory is mathematically and physically consistent with theoretical work developed Alex Wolf III and used for various advanced calculations related to metamaterial development. These materials are engineered by Alex and Christopher Maylor. This experimental test analysis relates to the electromagnetic, electromotive, and photonic emission testing of his experimental tests.

3:00pm PT – Christopher Maylor – Quantum-Based Warp Core

Chris Maylor’s Warp Technologies Research Centre (W-TRC) is pursuing a unique, binary approach to warp-propulsion that involves a symbiosis between the design of the warp-core and the spacecraft hull, and is involved in experimental design & designing of multi-laminate metamaterials to achieve this. He will provide an in-depth overview of both the theoretical model his work is based on as well as the extensive experimental design and testing he has undertaken to achieve this.

4:00pm PT – Shiva Meucci – NeoClassical Interpretation of Quantum and Relativistic Physics

Shiva Meucci discusses a historical investigation of the conceptual lineage of modern theory, which reveals points of exacting overlap in physical theories which, while now considered cross discipline, originally split from a common source and can be reintegrated as a singular science again. This revival of an older associative hierarchy, combined with modern insights, can open new avenues for investigation. This reintegration of cross-disciplinary theories and tools is defined as the “Neoclassical Interpretation.”

5:00pm PT – Lab Partners – Experimental Research Updates

Learn about hands-on engineering & technical research on advanced propulsion experiments by our lab partners. Mark Sokol & the Falcon Space team will describe recent work on NMR / EPR gravity-modification experiments, Jarod Yates & Charles Crawford will provide updates on the Graviflyer, Bryan St. Clair will discuss research being done into new inertial propulsion experiments, and other labs are anticipated to share updates as well during this time.

6:00pm PT – Open Discussion & Ad-Hoc Presentations

Conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time, and our presenters will be available to take questions & discuss experiments.


Links & Resources

• Cover Art: “JumpGate” by Tobias Roetsch
• Kurt Zeller: SpaceTime Engineering
• Curtis Horn: Sachs-Dirac Matter Field Equations
• Alex Wolf III: Metamaterials R&D
• Christopher Maylor: Quantum-Based Warp Core
• Shiva Meucci: Quantum & Relativistic Physics