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APEC 4/20: Space Elevator, Graviflyer & QGEM Theory

Conference Details

Ned Popovich will discuss Space Elevators, Nathan Bunten on Graviflyer Experiments, Tom Valone on the development of a Ufology & Astrosociology Textbook, and John Brandenburg on K-B Hypothesis & QGEM Theory. We’ll also be hearing updates from our lab partners and finishing off the event with an open discussion by conference attendees!

12:00pm PT – Ned Popovich – Space Train: A Novel Solution To Space Elevator Technology

Ned will provide a brief overview of current space access challenges and historical background to space elevator concepts, including the definition of a space elevator, key components, and advantages over traditional rocket launches. He will also provide a theoretical foundation explaining the elevator’s equilibrium point and earth’s rotation role in the concept, along with details on tether construction, transportation systems, environment and economic impacts, and the future prospects for construction of a space elevator using emerging technologies. He will also introduce the “Space Train” a breakthrough solution to space elevator challenges and a disruptive concept utilizing newsly discovered magnetic bound states of rotating magnetic fields.

1:00pm PT – Nathan Bunten – Graviflyer Experiments & Engineering

Nathan is part of the Graviflyer replication team attempting to recreate the work of Alexey Chekurkov, and works alongside Charles Crawford, Jarod Yates, Mike Gamble, John Scholz, Dr. David Chester, as in close collaboration with the original inventor, Alexey Chekurkov. Nathan will describe his research, and provide opinions on the best path to replication, and he approach he uses for design, construction, and testing. Nathan has a collection of Graviflyer videos on YouTube under the username “Old Man Builds”, and provides unique insights into the replication process based on his own hands-on experience.

2:00pm PT – Tom Valone – Development of a Ufology & Astrosociology Textbook

Tom Valone joins us to discuss the key concepts underlying a textbook he is developing to help explain the UAP Phemonenon and key principles of Exosociology / Astrosociology as part of a structured learning curriculum. Based on the ODNI recognition that UFO’s are real, and the widely accepted premise that they are extraterrestrial in origin, Tom will discuss various reports and descriptions of the craft and occupants, and explain how they fit into a categorization model for traditional learning environments.

3:00pm PT – John Brandenburg – K-B Hypothesis & QGEM Theory Confirmed

John will be presenting the “Confirmation of the QGEM theory of Quantum Gravity by Observations of Coincident Gravity and EM Flash Emissions in a Black Hole Merger: Light Generated from Bare Vacuum” by John Brandenburg. This Observation not only Confirms the 2003 Kurnsunolgu-Brandenburg Hypothesis of Gravity EM Unification Astrophysical Events, but also constitutes the first direct observation of Hawking Evaporation of Micro-Black Holes.

4:00pm PT – Lab Partners – Experimental Research Updates

Curtis Horn will be providing lab updates from the CSUF team on the MEGA Drive, Bryan St. Clair will be providing updates on his inertial propulsion research, Drew Aurigema will be showcasing his latest experimental results, and Jarod Yates will be discussing research & testing on the Graviflyer.

5:00pm PT – Open Discussion & Ad-Hoc Presentations

Conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time, and our presenters will be available to take questions & discuss experiments.


Links & Resources

• Cover Art: “Event Horizon” by Vadim Sadovski
• Ned Popovich: Space Elevators
• Tom Valone: UAP & Astrosociology
• Nathan Bunten: Graviflyer Experiments
• Dylan Freeman: The UAP Phenomenon: From A To Z