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APEC 9/30: UAP Propulsion, Physics & Materials

Conference Details

Jeremy Rys will present a completely updated analysis of reverse-engineered UAP technology, David Chester will provide a quantitative analogy between gravity & condensed matter, Don Tadaya discusses the UAP Centralization Program, and John Brandenburg provides an overview of spinors in physics. We’ll also be hearing a ton of new updates from half a dozen of our lab partners in today’s event!

12:00pm PT – Jeremy Rys – UAP Tech Briefing (Late 2023)

Jeremy Rys will present a completely updated analysis of reverse-engineered UAP technology from its historical origins to current Department of Defense investigation & Congressional hearings, along research suggestions on UAP reverse-engineering for advanced propulsion applications. Jeremy has been studying the technology behind UAP propulsion systems for over a decade, and his research has built a massive online audience who rely on his scientific & technology analysis.

1:00pm PT – David Chester – Gravity vs. Condensed Matter

Dr. David Chester will be discussing a quantitative analogy between gravity and condensed matter, and explore a variety of theoretical approaches to modifying the fabric of time space based on the formalism of relativity theory, quantum mechanics, and other models. By exploring the most general framework of relativistic gravitational dynamics as a quantum field theory, multiple antigravity candidates are found. Conventional approaches from supergravity, string theory, and conformal gravity isolate simple antigravitic fields similar to Maxwell electrodynamics or Heaviside gravity. By understanding how the quantum vacuum is effectively a metamaterial, this perspective is used to study metamaterials for engineering applications of antigravity.

2:00pm PT – Lab Partners – Experimental Research Updates

A full-house of updates from Mark Sokol, Bryan St. Clair, Jarod Yates, Drew Auregema, Myke Does, and Bernie Konkin. Mark Sokol & the Falcon Space team continue work on NMR / EPR gravity-modification experiments, Bryan St. Clair will discuss research being done into new inertial propulsion experiments at St. Clair Tech, Drew Auregema provides an update with 40% thrust/weight ratio improvements on his patented thruster, and Bernie goes all-in on electrolysis experiments.

3:00pm PT – Don Tadaya – UAP Centralization Program Updates

Don Tadaya provides an in-depth overview of the logic & data-analysis used in his continuing work on a 60,000 record review of UAP reporting from the MUFON database, NUFORC, and other sources. Don has collected and pulled together records from a variety of databases and is using AI and natural language processing to analyze them & predictively assess them for errors, mistakes, and potential verifiability.

4:00pm PT – John Brandenburg – The Nuts & Bolts Of Spinors

Dr. John Brandenburg provides an overview of the conceptual and mathematical formalism for spinors, along with lots of examples from nature & engineering of vector & spin-locked systems that demonstrate what a spinor is.


Links & Resources

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