APEC 1/16: BAE Greenglow and UAPs, UFOs & Government

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Learn about the origins of the BAE Greenglow Project with Ron Evans, the current state of UAP & UFO’s in government with Nick Pope, the BESA-Sadat UAP threat analysis, and see demonstrations for a variety of antigravity experiments by Mark Sokol & Jerimiah Popp.

Part #1 – Ron Evans – BAE Greenglow, UFOs & Antigravity

Ron Evans is a joins us to talk about the history & origins of the Greenglow project with a UFO sighting brought to BAE in the late 1970’s, and how the Greenglow program progressed over time into Project Greenglow, the UK’s biggest & most rigorous advanced propulsion program to date. He joins us to discuss their research & results. Evans also discusses the role of Gravitomagnetism in antigravity engineering, and explores the possibility of superconductive or other materials in focusing and enhancing effects. Evans is a mathematician and career aerospace professional with design & engineering experience, and describes the formulas he has found most useful for gravity modification.

Part #2 – Ron Evans – BAE Greenglow Q&A Session

Dr. Ron Evans participates in a detailed Q&A session describing his role as the head of the BAE Greenglow project, the UK’s biggest & most rigorous advanced propulsion program to date. During this Q&A session, he explores the work conducted and describes various avenues for extending lessons learned from Greenglow into the realm of antigravity & gravity-modification technology.

Part #3 – Nick Pope – UAPs, UFOs & Government

Nick Pope worked for the UK Ministry of Defence and ran the British government’s UFO project. He’s a regularly cited expert on UAP phenomenon, and discusses the US Government’s investigation of UAPs and UFOs, including the AATIP & UAPTF programs. Nick also discusses the role of Luis Elizondo, Chris Mellon, and Tom DeLonge’s TTSA organization in helping bring the US Navy UAP videos to the public, and the Navy’s subsequent reaction in making an official release of the UAP videos available.

Part #4 – Nick Pope – UAPs, UFOs Q&A

Nick also speaks with Franc Milburn, author of “The Pentagon’s UAP Task Force”, a white-paper & threat analysis of the UAP phenomenon published by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University. Additionally, a discussion of UAP and UFO detection touches on the use of magnetometers and polarization filters for sensors to determine Faraday rotation from either strong magnetic fields or gravitomagnetic fields.

Part #5 – Mark Sokol – Antigravity Demo Experiments

Mark Sokol & Jeremiah Popp demonstrate a variety of antigravity experiments, including an attempted replication of the Poher / Podkletnov superconductive force-beam experiment, an electret made by aligning the molecular structure in flat acrylic plastic, and a demo of an Alzofon-style rotating aluminum disk in a magnetic field claimed to demonstrate weight loss. They also demonstrate their progress in building a Marx generator for HV/HA pulse generation.


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