APEC 1/7: Electron Air, Exotic Physics & UAPs

Conference Details

Ethan Krauss will discuss Electron Air’s Ionocraft, Dave Rossi will provide insights and “A New Perspective On Old Physics”, Jeremy Rys will present an updated UAP Technical Briefing 2023 Update, Mark Sokol plans to re-test the Podkletnov Impulse Generator, and Wayne Ojala will discuss Alzofon experimental videos. We’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!


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12:00pm PT – Ethan Krauss – The Electron Air Ionocraft

Ethan will discuss first self-powered, ion-propelled aircraft in history, that can both take off and fly with its power supply onboard. It is covered under US patent numbers 10,119,527 and 11,161,631, which describe ion propelled flying machines that carry their power supplies. Ethan will describe why his device is orders of magnitude more efficient and powerful than anything like it for its weight.

1:00pm PT – Dave Rossi – A New Perspective On Old Physics

Dave will share insights gathered from his research into Metric Manipulation Via Mass, Understanding ‘Time’, Vacuum Extractability & Interferometry, and more. Dave is the founder of SAALT LLC, a company focused on providing solutions to various elements of Consciousness, Zero Point Energy, Propulsion, Medical Benefits and much more; SAALT provides its services to all facets of a variety of industries in an attempt to bring some of the hidden and suppressed sciences out to the masses.

2:00pm PT – Jeremy Rys – UAP Technical Briefing (2023 Update)

Jeremy will present an updated overview of the UAP Phenomena from its historical origins to current Department of Defense investigation, along with insights into UAP technology and suggestions on UAP reverse-engineering for advanced propulsion applications. Jeremy has been studying the technology behind UAP propulsion systems for over a decade, and his research has built a massive online audience who rely on his scientific & technology analysis.

3:00pm PT – Mark Sokol – Podkletnov Force-Beam Experiment Re-Test

Mark plans to perform a 3rd experimental re-test of the Podkletnov Force-Beam experiment first attempted at APEC 11/12. In earlier tests, cryogenic cooling from liquid nitrogen weakened the containment vessel, leading to air leaks. Mark has continued to reinforce the device, refine his design, and plans a live test with lower pressures in the hopes of moving a series of lead weights suspended at a distance of several feet from the apparatus.

3:30pm PT – Wayne Ojala – Alzofon Experimental Video Analysis

During his visit to the Falcon Space Lab in Hawthorne, Wayne captured several videos of attempted Alzofon replication tests. He will be reviewing those live, and highlighting key points during his experiments that may indicate a path forward for future research efforts.

4:00pm PT – Open Discussion

Conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time.


Links & Resources

• Falcon Space: Facebook | YouTube
• Jeremy Rys: Alien Scientist Website