APEC 10/22: Impulse Driver, Finite Theory & Alzofon Propulsion

Conference Details

Ted Pittman will discuss the Impulse Driver, Phil Bouchard will describe Finite Theory, Mark Sokol & Professor Kieth Earle will be presenting on the Alzofon Dynamic Nuclear Orientation Experiment, Jarod Yates & Todd Desiato provide Graviflyer replication updates, Mike Melia is going to talk about his Inertial Propulsion experiments, and we’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

Part #1 – Ted Pittman – Impulse Driver Testing

An Impulse Driver achieves a net linear force by combining gravitational and inertial forces in a complex cycloid motion of an oscillating mass. The upward half cycle of the pulse is not cancelled during the downward half cycle. Thus, precession reversal is avoided and a net upward linear force is achieved. Ted Pittman will describe his invention, and discuss recordings showing acceleration data during testing where the Impulse Driver successfully rose to the upper mechanical limit of the test stand.

Part #2 – Phil Bouchard – Finite Theory

Phil Bouchard provides a visual update on the Finite Theory / gravitomagnetism merger that can now explain the universe at all scales and beyond. Perfect reverse engineering of all galactic rotation curves, clear explanation of the “inflation” of the universe but without the need for dark matter or dark energy and even reverse engineering of the distance from the “universal core” our universe is from in a robust way. All of which doesn’t violate the laws of the conservation of the energy, like with General Relativity. He will also provide clear explanations of all UAP secondary effects such as observed force fields, local time rate fluctuations and last but not least, antigravity.

Part #3 – Mark Sokol & Keith Earle – Alzofon DNO / Lab Updates

Mark Sokol and Professor Kieth Earle will be presenting on their ongoing work with the Alzofon Dynamic Nuclear Orientation Experiment. Professor Earle has a Ph.D. in experimental physics with a concentration on high field ESR and is also an Associate Professor and Chair of Physics at NYU Albany. We are excited to have him advise our work and prefect our experimental setup.

Part #4 – Yates & Desiato – Graviflyer Updates

Jarod Yates & Todd Desiato provide updates on the Graviflyer replication project. Jarod has been working with Charles Crawford III on efforts to replicate this project, and Todd Desiato has been engaged in independent efforts to replicate it as well.

Part #5 – Mike Melia – Inertial Propulsion

Retired mechanical engineer Mike Melia will provide an update on his inertial propulsion device, which uses a primary drive delivering perpendicular rotation. In normal circumstances any peripheral force generated by this movement should manifest itself within, and as part of this rotation, but contrary to this the drive is visually creating linear thrust that is emanating at a 90% angle to the direction of rotation.

6:00pm PT – Open Discussion

Conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time.


Links & Resources

• Falcon Space: Facebook | YouTube
• Jeremy Rys: Alien Scientist Website