APEC 11/12: Two Year Anniversary!

Conference Details

Tim Ventura will lead a 2-year anniversary retrospective; Mark Sokol will provide an overview of the Alzofon NMR gravity-modification and demonstrate the Hallbach coil array, Marx Impulse Gravitator and Podkletnov Impulse experimental replications; Aidan Shaffer will discuss an interpretation of crop-circles as a form of communication; Charles Crawford will demonstrate his Graviflyer replication; John Brandenburg will discuss Mars radioisotopes, and Wayne Ojala will experiment with Grebenikov Beetle-Wings.We’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

Part #1 – Tim Ventura – APEC 2-Year Anniversary Retrospective

Save the date! Nov 12th is the 2-year anniversary of the Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference, and we’re proud to take a look back at the highlights of past conference sessions and discuss what made each of them so special. Tim Ventura will lead the discussion as we review the vast collection of ideas that have been explored since APEC started on Nov 12th, 2020.

Part #2 – Aidan Shaffer – Crop-Circle Language

Every year, thousands of crop-circles are found across the globe. Authorities blame pranksters, but could these instead represent some form of message from UAP? Aidan Shaffer attempts to interpret the signs & symbols in notable crop circles to determine if there may be some form of geometric or mathematical communication encoded in them.

Part #3 -Falcon Space – LIVE Experiments!

Mark Sokol will provide an overview of the Alzofon NMR gravity-modification and demonstrate the Hallbach coil array, Marx Impulse Gravitator and Podkletnov Impulse experimental replications. Mark has been incredibly busy at Falcon Space Labs in Hawthorne putting together these experimental replications, and will be doing live experimental tests in the conference as well as providing detailed updates on the Alzofon NMR gravity-modification project.

Charles Crawford will be discussing the Graviflyer equipment that he purchased from Alexey Chekurkov and describing his current research & future experimental plans. In this presentation, he will also be providing updates on his efforts to get the Graviflyer functioning & flying, and will either describe the experimental process he is using to test it.

The legend dates back nearly a century: Viktor Grebennikov claimed to have invented a levitation platform covered by beetle-wings which created some type of antigravity effect. Wayne Ojala will do basic experiments using the same type of beetle-wings described by Grebennikov to see if any kind of levitation effect can be achieved.

Part #4 – John Brandenburg – Radioisotopes on Mars

Physicist Dr. John Brandenburg will be discussing the the hypothesis that ancient Mars suffered a bizarre nuclear accident, as indicated by samples of Argon & Xenon isotopes detected across the planet’s surface. Brandenburg suggests that the prevalence and balance of those isotopes is consistent with artificially generated nuclear activity, and explores various scenarios that could lead to the creation of this evidence.

Part #5 – Bernie Konkin – Energy Updates

Bernie Konkin provides an overview of recent panel discussions on his YouTube science channel related to conference topics & ongoing research into APEC topics, as well as LENR and energy research.

Part #6 – Open Discussion

Conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time. In this brief open-discussion session, Tim Ventura provides a walkthrough of his latest interviews and discusses some of the topics in futurism that he is currently exploring.


Links & Resources

• Falcon Space: Facebook | YouTube
• Jeremy Rys: Alien Scientist Website