APEC 11/27: Aerospace Innovation, EVO’s & Linear Propulsion

Conference Details

Alex Frolov will be discussing new aerospace technologies, Bob Greenyer will be talking about EVOs, Mike Gamble will be discussing linear propulsion, and we’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

Part #1 – Alex Frolov – New Aerospace Technologies

In this presentation Alexander Frolov will present some principles of active (non-reactive) propulsion drives. New methods do not require reactive mass ejection outside the vehicle. At first, we’ll consider examples of mechanical systems, later we will see analogs with electromagnetic propulsion systems. In both cases, mechanical or electromagnetic technologies, are presented as Aether density gradient. Practical application of these real technologies can be space propulsion drives for satellites.

Part #2 – Alex Frolov – New Aerospace Technologies – Q&A Session

Alex Frolov answers questions related to his presentation.

Part #3 – Bob Greenyer – Exotic Vacuum Objects

Bob Greenyer will be presenting an overview of Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVO’s) and their possible role in Hutchison-style effects, nuclear transmutations, and other energy & materials effects that might be applicable to future propulsion & space systems. Ken Shoulders, the originator of the EVO model, described an EVO as a cluster of electrons that channels energy. Shoulders believed he had used the electrons’ energy to melt microscopic holes in various materials.

Part #4 – Mike Gamble – Linear Propulsion

Mike Gamble will be delivering a presentation on “Linear Propulsion” with a more overall view covering both mechanical and electrical systems. His presentation will start with rotary motion and proceed to describe first linear mechanical motion and then electrical motion. The mechanical side covers rotating masses, Dean Drives and gyros. The mid-crossover section shows mechanical to electrical equivalent definitions and equations. The electrical side covers both DC and AC systems.

Part #5 – Mike Gamble – Linear Propulsion – Q&A Session

Mike Gamble answers questions related to his presentation.

Part #6 – Mark Sokol – Experimental Lab Updates

Mark Sokol and associates will present updates on their experimental research in the lab across a wide number of projects.

Part #7 – Ad Hoc Presentations

Bob Greenyer discusses Exotic Vacuum Objects, Philippe Bouchard talks about his project’s progress, and we learn about aerogels and other innovative materials science innovations.

Part #8 – Open Discussion

Jeremiah Popp, Mark Sokol, Jeremy Rys, and other APEC Conference attendees discuss ideas related to ongoing research in alt propulsion. Conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time, and our presenters will be available to take questions & discuss experiments.


Links & Resources

• Alex Frolov: New Energy Technologies
• Bob Greenyer: Quantum Heat
• Mike Gamble: http://www.futurenergy.org
• Falcon Space Facebook | YouTube
• Jeremy Rys: Alien Scientist Website