APEC 2/13: Antigravity, Inertial Propulsion & Exotic Materials

Conference Details

Jean-François Geneste discusses a novel approach to antigravity & gravity-shielding via coupling with the electromagnetic force, Mike Gamble presents on a study of the Earth’s gravitational system & Boeing experiments with satellite gyroscopes & inertial propulsion, and Jeremy Rys will be discussing exotic materials engineering concepts for spacecraft design.

Part #1 – Mark Sokol – Antigravity Lab Experiments

Mark Sokol, Jeremiah Popp & Todd Desiato open the event with updates on experimental lab work by Falcon Space, including equipment acquisition, component fabrication, and experimental testing. This session has been moved in consideration for the attendees who arrive early, as well as to make room for all 3 major presenters in today’s event.

Part #2 – Jean-François Geneste – Antigravity & Gravity Shielding

Jean-François begins by outlining flaws in mainstream physics models and offering experimental approaches for verification. Then, he presents a novel approach to physics intended to increase the coherency of physical models, which also allows for the existence of antigravity through a coupling between gravity and electromagnetism. He will also discuss expectations of ZPE in a disruptive anthropocentric scenario. Jean-François is the CEO of World Advanced Research Project Agency (WARPA) and a former Vice-President & Chief Scientist at Airbus.

Part #3 – Jean-François Geneste – Antigravity & Gravity Shielding Q&A Session

Jean-François Geneste answers audience questions & elaborates on the physics models he describes as the basis for antigravity & gravity shielding effects.

Part #4 – Mike Gamble – Study Of The Earth’s Gravity

Mike will be presenting a comprehensive study on the earth’s gravitational system – not just the surface acceleration. His focus is not on the big “G” (the universal gravitational constant), but instead on the little “g” of Earth. He will be showcasing research based on Tesla’s work; as well as providing tutorials on waves in general and mathematical modeling. He will also discuss the “WOW Moment” in his research when math simulations lined up exactly with observed results. Mike is a semi-retired Boeing engineer who managed an R&D Lab experimenting with advanced engineering concepts.

Part #5 – Mike Gamble – Satellite Gyros & Inertial Propulsion

Mike Gamble will be presenting a history of satellite control gyros, including a detailed walk-through of the satellite gyro test facility he worked in for several decades. Mike’s experience in developing & testing satellite gyroscopes for stabilization & stationkeeping led him to develop a type of gyroscopic inertial propulsion device that he claims is capable of producing reactionless thrust.

Part #6 – Mike Gamble – Gravity & Gyro Propulsion Q&A Session

Mike Gamble answers audience questions related to the study of the Earth’s gravitational field and the use of gyroscopes for satellite stationkeeping & inertial propulsion.

Part #7 – Jeremy Rys – Space Age Materials for Spacecraft Manufacturing

Jeremy Rys will be presenting on concepts in material design to facilitate antigravity & advanced propulsion concepts, including research into ideas such as meta-materials, Bismuth & liquid-metal compounds, and more. Jeremy is well-known for the scientific & technology analysis on his AlienScientist YouTube channel, the largest of its kind online with over 110,000 subscribers.

Part #8 – Jeremy Rys – Space Age Materials Q&A Session

Jeremy Rys elaborates on exotic & advanced materials for spacecraft manufacturing discussed during his presentation, and answers audience questions about the use & application of these materials in space propulsion.

Part #9 – Mark Sokol – Open Discussion on Antigravity & Alt Propulsion

During the open-discussion session of this conference, guests who are interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate, and conference presenters are available to take questions, discuss experiments, and offer insights. Mark Sokol and the Falcon Space team will also be actively discussing materials acquisition & experimental work in the replications they are currently pursuing, and the audience is invited to discuss that work with them.


Links & Resources

• Jean-François Geneste: https://www.warpa.net
• Mike Gamble: http://www.futurenergy.org
• Tom Valone: http://www.integrity-research.org
• Falcon Space (Facebook | YouTube)
• Jeremy Rys: Alien Scientist Website