APEC 2/20: UAPs & Breakthrough Propulsion

Conference Details

Paul Murad will be presenting an in-depth analysis of UAP & UFO phenomena spanning 7 continents & over a century of time. He’ll also be discussing social & geopolitical ramifications of this phenomenon, and exploring concepts in emerging propulsion that may explain reported UAP flight performance characteristics. Next, Mark Sokol will be discussing Alzofon & EZ-Alzofon experimental replications, followed by an in-depth analysis of 8 other breakthrough propulsion experiments that he’s currently conducting. We’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion on UAPs and breakthrough propulsion!

Part #1 – Paul Murad – UFOs in History & Culture

UFOs first came to public attention back in 1947, and a lack of firm answers on this topic has led to speculation, hoaxes, and a lack of credibility that make it difficult to separate myth from reality. In this presentation, Paul Murad provides an overview of popular UFO claims from 1933 to present, and including major German, Russian, Chinese, U.K., Brazilian, and American events, along with speculation about the craft’s occupants & possible intent. He presents detailed photos for a mixture of debunked & currently unexplained sightings, and discusses the long-term influence of cultural factors that impede serious research into this phenomenon.

Part #2 – Paul Murad – UFO & Propulsion & Reverse-Engineering

Paul Murad offers speculation on UFO & UAP propulsion systems taken from his knowledge of advanced propulsion engineering & based upon structural & design elements in sighting photos. He classifies UFO propulsion devices into ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ electromagnetic propulsion systems, and provides an explanation of existing historical data with emphasis on explaining the ‘dynamic’ propulsion system for ovaloid and triangular craft.

Murad also discusses past efforts at reverse-engineering by figures such as Paul Potter and provides insights into some of the many designs featured in Potter’s books.

Part #3 – Paul Murad – UFO Propulsion Q&A Session

Paul Murad answers questions relating to his presentations on UFO history & culture, as well as his speculative thoughts on UFO & UAP reverse-engineering & propulsion.

Paul Murad has over 25 years of public service as a senior technology analyst for the Department of Defense, as well as 18 years of private sector service at firms including Martin, General Electric and SAI, where he was involved in advanced state of the art programs including Apollo, Gemini, the NERVA Nuclear Rocket Engine, the Space Shuttle, National Aerospace Plane Project, and more.

Paul has led several technical conferences, including the High Frequency Gravity Wave Conference in 2003, and served as Conference Chair of Section-F at the ISNPS STAIF Conference, focused on emerging propulsion, energy & communications issues.

Part #4 – Mark Sokol – Alzofon & EZ-Alfozon Experiments

Mark Sokol presents an in-depth overview of experimental research in his attempted replications of Frederic & David Alzofon’s NMR-based propulsion concept. Alzofon’s model for propulsion arises from aligning the nuclear spins of atoms in metals such as aluminum, and in this presentation Sokol discusses his attempts at inducing spin-alignment using microwaves & wave-guides, which has led to a measured reduction in weight in past experiments.

Frederic Alzofon was the author of “Gravity Control with Present Technology”. He was a physicist with a world-class reputation in optics and heat conduction who studied particle physics with J. Robert Oppenheimer and David Bohm, relativity and the scientific method with Victor Lenzen, and applied mathematics with Griffith C. Evans at Cal Berkeley in the 1940s and 1950s.

Sokol also discusses EZ-Alzofon, which utilizes a spinning metallic plate in magnetic fields in an attempt to align atomic spins without the need for applied microwave energy, and he discusses experimental attempts at this replication as well.

Part #5 – Mark Sokol – Antigravity & Propulsion Experiments

Mark Sokol presents an in-depth review of experimental replications he’s conducted, including the TT Brown gravitator design, Frolov’s Hat, a variety of electrostatic experiments, a replication of Mike Gamble’s inertial propulsor, an attempt at replicating the Podkletnov / Poher superconductive force beam generator, Nam Tran’s Searl Effect Generator experiment, an MHD mercury rotation experiment, Ron Kita’s Electrets, and more.

Part #6 – Mark Sokol – Laser Deflection & Experimental Q&A

Mark Sokol answers questions related to his presentations on Alzofon NMR gravity-control and other experiments in his presentations. Additionally, Mark & Jeremiah Popp conduct a first laser-beam deflection experiment to test the idea that a magnetic field may create a slight but detectable deflection to a laser beam in free-space.

Part #7 – UAP & Breakthrough Propulsion – Open Discussion

In this open discussion session, a variety of topics are discussed, including Hector Serrano’s work on Gravitec’s reactionless propulsion experiments, Michael Boyd’s IR & Gravitomagnetic analysis of Navy UAP footage, a discussion of breakthrough propulsion within the framework of General Relativity, and the introduction of a design to measure gravitomagnetic thrust from bumps & pits on a hard-drive surface by Michael Boyd.


Links & Resources

• Paul Murad: Paul Murad on Researchgate
• Paul Potter: Gravitational Manipulation of Domed Craft (PDF)
• Falcon Space (Facebook | YouTube)
• Jeremy Rys: Alien Scientist Website