APEC 3/20: Gravity Modification & Electrets

Conference Details

Benjamin Solomon presents an in-depth review of his research into gravity modification & Ron Kita talks about his patented gravity modification technology electrets. We’ll also hear updates from Mark Sokol and the Falcon Space team, and we’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

Part #1 – Benjamin T. Solomon – Gravity Modification – The Basics

An introduction to the fundamental concepts involved with gravity modification, including a look at strengths & weaknesses of contemporary scientific models such as General Relativity Theory, and how to best approach the task of measuring, interacting with, and modifying gravity.

Part #2 – Benjamin T. Solomon – Gravity Modification – Experimental Evidence

The theory, evidence & experiments that offer support for gravity modification, including the results of various key experiments such as the Podkletnov rotating disk, and how these may fit together in a larger model that provides a practical basis for engineering spacetime and modifying gravity.

Part #3 – Benjamin T. Solomon – Gravity Modification – Device Engineering

An in-depth look at various approaches to device engineering, including engineering design principles, modeling results, and the power of falsifiability in ensure that design & test data is accurately captured and analyzed.

Part #4 – Benjamin T. Solomon – Gravity Modification – Q&A Session

Benjamin T. Solomon answers audience questions relating to this presentation on gravity modification theory, evidence & engineering.

Part #5 – Ron Kita – Gravity Modification Using Electrets

A detailed presentation on the properties of electrets and their potential for gravity modification, based on Ron Kita’s patent for a gravitational attenuating material that utilizes an organic based material that has the electrons of the dielectric reconfigured through the use of electrostatic fields, magnetic fields, or photonic or actinic radiation as to render the dielectric less interactive with gravitational forces.

Part #6 – Ron Kita -Reactionless Propulsion Using Gyroscopes

Discussion of a variety of concepts relating to the classic Laithewaite experiment, along with several other notable ideas on inertia & reactionless propulsion using gyroscopes and gyroscopic precession.

Part #7 – Ron Kita – Electrets & Reactionless Propulsion – Q&A Session

Ron Kita answers questions relating to his extensive research into gravity modification using electrets as well as his presentation on gyroscopic reactionless propulsion.

Part #8 – Open Discussion & Inertial Propulsion

Robert O’Keefe provides video demonstration of the inertial propulsion technology under development at Tachyon Aerospace in the UK and Malta. A variety of other topics are also discussed, including dielectric & materials engineering for capacitive systems & other technologies under development for testing by the Falcon Space team.

Part #9 – Open Discussion & Gravitational Rectifier

Dr. Michael Boyd describes his experimentation into gravity modification & the model he has developed to explain his results. This session also features discussion by the Gravity Alchemist and several others on a variety of topics relating to gravity modification and advanced propulsion.


Links & Resources

• Benjamin Solomon: Books on Amazon | Huffpost Blogs
• Ron Kita: Chiralex | LinkedIn USPTO Electret Patent
• Falcon Space Facebook | YouTube
• Jeremy Rys: Alien Scientist Website