APEC 4/23: EVOs, Mars Isotopes & Innovation Strategies

Conference Details

Bob Greenyer will lead a Q&A session on Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVOs), John Brandenburg will discuss Mars radioisotopes, and Rupert Wade will provide funding strategies for inventors & innovators. Mark Sokol & Falcon Space provide detailed lab updates and the results of their latest experiments, and we’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

Part #1 – Bob Greenyer – Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVOs) Q&A Session

Bob Greenyer will be conducting a Q&A session on Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVO’s) and discussing their role in possible role in Hutchison-style effects, nuclear transmutations, and other energy & materials effects that might be applicable to future propulsion & space systems. Ken Shoulders, the originator of the EVO model, described an EVO as a cluster of electrons that channels energy. Shoulders believed he had used the electrons’ energy to melt microscopic holes in various materials.

Part #2 – John Brandenburg – Mars Nuclear Isotope Hypothesis

Physicist Dr. John Brandenburg will be discussing the the hypothesis that ancient Mars suffered a bizarre nuclear accident, as indicated by samples of Argon & Xenon isotopes detected across the planet’s surface. Brandenburg suggests that the prevalence and balance of those isotopes is consistent with artificially generated nuclear activity, and explores various scenarios that could lead to the creation of this evidence.

Part #3 – John Brandenburg – Mars Nuclear Isotope Hypothesis – Q&A

Dr. John Brandenburg answers questions relating to his presentation.

Part #4 – Rupert Wade – Funding Strategies For Innovation

Tech entrepeneur Rupert Wade will be presenting on strategies inventors can use to fund their ideas. Wade is an experienced engineer, strategist and entrepreneur with a passion for big ideas and the drive to see them through. He’s the founder of Applaud.cc, and holds a BA in Electrical Engineering and has experience in nuclear power systems.

Part #5 – Rupert Wade – Funding Strategies For Innovation

Rupert Wade answers questions relating to his presentation.

Part #6 Mark Sokol – Lab Updates

Mark Sokol and associates will present a demonstration of an inertial propulsion device using gyroscopes similar to the kind developed by Mike Gamble.

Part #7 Open Discussion

Mark Sokol answers questions related to the testing & measurements of his team’s inertial propulsion device, and conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate with their ideas.


Links & Resources

• Bob Greenyer: Quantum Heat
• John Brandenburg: Papers on ResearchGate
• Rupert Wade: Homepage
• Falcon Space Facebook | YouTube
• Jeremy Rys: Alien Scientist Website