APEC 5/1: Electrogravitic Propulsion & Quantum Warp Fields

Conference Details

Tom Valone presents a review of electrogravitics and electrokinetic propulsion, Glen Robertson discusses quantum gravity as a quantum warp field, and Mike Gamble will be presenting part 2 of a study of the Earth’s gravitational system. We’ll also hear updates from the Falcon Space team, and we’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

Part #1 – Tom Valone – Electrogravitics & Electrokinetic Propulsion

In this review of Electrogravitics and electrokinetics, Tom Valone will discuss the origins of this line of research, which can be traced to T. Townsend Brown’s first article “How I Control Gravity” (Science and Invention, 1929) with the unexplained alignment of the “molecular gravitors”. Brown reported that the dielectrics had high propulsive force when the “differently charged elements” were aligned with the voltage source. Perhaps electrogravitics was also revealed in the article “Gravity Nullified: Quartz Crystals Charged by High Frequency Currents Lose Their Weight” which appeared two years earlier in the same magazine in September of 1927. The editors had a change of heart however, in the following issue, they rescinded the article.

Much of what we know about T. T. Brown is from his numerous patents and articles, reprinted inElectrogravitics Systems Volume I, by Tom Valone, who was fortunate to correspond with him in 1981 when he was at the University of Florida. A sample of his detailed correspondence is contained in the out-of-print book, Ether-Technology: A Rational Approach to Gravity-Control by Rho Sigma (1977) and in the recent Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown, Paul Schatzkin, (2009, Embassy Books). Also, a five-minute Brown-Bahnson Lab video online shows many of the experimental models that Brown developed toward 1960 with colleague Agnew Bahnson.

Part #2 – Tom Valone – Electrogravitics & Electrokinetic Propulsion – Q&A Session

Tom Valone answers questions related to his presentation on Electrogravitics and electrokinetics.

Part #3 – Glen “Tony” Robertson – Quantum Gravity as a Quantum Warp Field

From a historical standpoint, there is considerable theoretical and experimental basis behind the idea that everything that surrounds us can be described as macroscopic collections of fluctuations, vibrations, and oscillations associated with quantum mechanical fluctuations and quantum energy fluctuations. Whereby, matter can be taken to be composed of quantum mechanical fluctuations super-imposed on quantum energy fluctuations, and surrounded by a medium of quantum energy fluctuations. Whereby, the quantum energy fluctuations in objects and the quantum energy fluctuations in the medium surrounding objects are two separate quantum energy fields, mediated by a thin energy shell of quantum fluctuations that emanates from objects.

This presentation shows the development of quantum gravity in terms of the energy shell of quantum fluctuations that emanates from objects. Showing that all accelerations, to include gravity, results from the displacement of the accelerated object’s energy shell of quantum fluctuations, which looks like a warp field in spacetime. That is, all accelerated objects produce a quantum warp field when accelerated to any speed.

Part #4 – Glen “Tony” Robertson – Quantum Gravity as a Quantum Warp Field – Q&A Session

Glen answers questions related to his presentation.

Part #5 – Frank Ferguson – The “Invasion of Washington” UFO Incident of 1952

Frank Ferguson provides opinions and insights into the UAP phenomenon based on family history from his father, who worked for the Naval Research Lab and helped interpret radar images from the 1952 flap.

Part #6 – Mike Gamble – Study Of The Earth’s Gravity, Part 2

Mike will be presenting a part 2 of a comprehensive study on the earth’s gravitational system. His focus is not on the big “G” (the universal gravitational constant), but instead on the little “g” of Earth. This presentation will explore the basic EM field equations that are needed to understand most of his EM research. Mike is a semi-retired Boeing engineer who managed an R&D Lab experimenting with advanced engineering concepts.

Part #7 – Mike Gamble – Study Of The Earth’s Gravity, Part 2 – Q&A Session

Mike answers questions relating to his study on the earth’s gravitational system.

Part #8 – Mark Sokol – Falcon Space Lab Updates

Mark Sokol and the Falcon Space team will present updates on their experimental research in the lab, with a focus on inertial propulsion research and an in-depth review of the work of Bryan Sinclair’s into inertial propulsion research.

Part #9 – Open Discussion – Michael Boyd & Gravitomagnetism

Conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time, and our presenters will be available to take questions & discuss experiments. This segment also features a review of Michael Boyd’s research into gravitomagnetism, which includes his work “mass spin valve” devices to demonstrate the postulates he has derived.

Part #10 – Open Discussion – Eytan Suchard & Chronon Theory

Eytan Suchard presents a model of charge based gravity and the non-geodesic acceleration field which causes charge based gravity. In this model, the source of the metric of space-time is mis-alignment of chronons, in simpler words, non-geodesic curves. Lately a theorem that I added due to a review comment by professor Martin Land, states that these curves are non-geodesic only in what we call “material fields”. That means that in vacuo, only geodesic curves are allowed. If you carefully notice the outcome of the theory, then you immediately see that Quantum fields which are based on particles are not the true observables of space-time. The true observables are events, a.k.a chronons. It took him many years and many iterations to complete this theory and it is not only the final word in physics. The mass ratios Muon/Electron, Z/W, W/Tau, Tau/Muon and the exact Fine Structure Constant are not the only findings. The most startling is a previously unknown relation between the pole energy of the Bottom / Beauty Quark and the Muon. That is a totally unexpected relation between what we call Leptons and Hadrons. Yet, we need experiments to corroborate my choice of a correlation between old physics and the Geometric Chronon Field theory.


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