APEC 5/28: Reverse-Causality, NMR Grav-Control & Impulse Driver

Conference Details

Dr. Julia Mossbridge will discuss reverse-causality in photos, David Alzofon will present on NMR gravity-modification, and Ted Pittman will demonstrate his patented Impulse Driver. Mark Sokol & Aidan will provide lab updates from the ISDC Conference in Florida, and we’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

Part #1 – Julia Mossbridge – Reverse-Causality in Photons

The idea that events in what we call the future could influence events in what we call the present or past has been called retrocausation, retrocausality, time symmetry, or atemporality. It has been argued that empirical demonstrations of such effects include delayed-choice experiments and inhibited spontaneous emission. What unites these physical phenomena is the ambiguity about causality that they introduce. Presented here are empirical demonstrations of a similarly causally ambiguous phenomenon at a long (seconds-to-minutes) time scale. Dr. Julia Mossbridge will discuss experiments on a duration-sorting effect, where different experimental run durations appear to regularly produce different photomultiplier output that depends on future durations.

Part #2 – Julia Mossbridge – Reverse-Causality in Photons – Q&A

Dr. Julia Mossbridge answers questions related to her presentation.

Part #3 – David Alzofon – NMR-Based Gravity Control

David Alzofon describes how to build a flying saucer based on the theoretical & engineering work of his father, Frederick Alzofon, combined with analysis of UFO field emissions. The Alzofon method for gravity control is documented in “Gravity Control with Present Technology”, written by David & Frederick, and utilizes a method of applying microwaves to align particle spins and create propulsion from a gyroscopic precession effect on the atomic level.

Part #4 – David Alzofon – NMR-Based Gravity Control – Q&A

David Alzofon answers questions related to his presentation

Part #5 – Ted Pittman – The Impulse Driver

An Impulse Driver achieves a net linear force by combining gravitational and inertial forces in a complex cycloid motion of an oscillating mass. The upward half cycle of the pulse is not cancelled during the downward half cycle. Thus, precession reversal is avoided and a net upward linear force is achieved. Ted Pittman will describe his invention, and discuss recordings showing acceleration data during testing where the Impulse Driver successfully rose to the upper mechanical limit of the test stand.

Part #6 – Ted Pittman – The Impulse Driver

Ted Pittman answers questions related to his presentation.

Part #7 Tim Ventura – Ryan Graves Navy UAP Interview (Replay)

Tim Ventura presents a replay of his recent interview with US Navy Pilot Ryan Graves, who discusses UAP encounters off the Atlantic Coast.

Part #8 Open Discussion / Richard Banduric, Art’s Parts & Meta-Materials

Open Discussion topics include vapor-deposition methods to recreate the Bismuth-Magnesium bilayer “Art’s Parts”, how these materials can be used as waveguides, and an appearance by Richard Banduric discussing experimental methods & techniques to recreate his experiments with dot-product disks.


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