APEC 7/9: Compressed Time Propulsion & Extraordinary Devices

Conference Details

Greg Cathcart will present on Compressed Time Propulsion, Jose Ruiz discusses Prevailing Traits of Extraordinary Devices & Alzofon Suggestions, and Wayne Ojala will talk about his experiments with a possible antigravity phase of water. Mark Sokol & Aidan Schaffer will provide detailed lab updates on their upcoming experiments and vacuum-deposition work to recreate Art’s Parts, and we’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

12:00pm PT – Greg Cathcart – Compressed Time Propulsion

Greg Cathcart will present his thoughts on Compressed Time Propulsion. Are Causal Dynamical Triangulations (CDT) with predictive and correctional utility an accurate description of reality? If so, what are the possible implications for our exploration of a near infinite universe consisting of six trillion to twenty trillion galaxies according to the latest estimates? The answer may surprise you.

2:00pm PT – Jose Ruiz – Prevailing Traits of Extraordinary Devices / Alzofon Suggestions

There is a 3 step pattern that constantly repeats itself in many extraordinary devices. If people would incorporate these steps into their own experiments, the chances of success are drastically increased. The steps are: 1. These devices disrupt equilibrium at a quantum level in a known area 2. Energy is extracted out of the disrupted area and transferred to another location where it can be manageable. 3. Energy is used in real time somewhere outside the device. On this presentation we’ll go into details of these three prevailing traits in extraordinary devices. We’ll go over some examples and propose a hypothesis of how and why these devices work. Lastly, we’ll talk about a suggested Alzofon experiment which incorporates this pattern.

4:00pm PT – Wayne Ojala – Does Water Have An Antigravity Phase?

Could it be, the substance we bath in, drink, brush our teeth with, and swim in, hold a NEW secret – a controllable inertial mass property!? And by extension, could it become a working fluid for the long awaited deep- space-rocketless propulsion system? We have talked about warp drives, we have talked about inertial propulsion, join us as an independent researcher – Wayne Ojala reveals a new accidental discovery he made in 2022 with WATER, and how this amazing everyday substance may just be a great candidate to achieve real inertial mass control, making interplanetary travel very feasible with a concept he calls the Variable Inertial Mass Impulse Engine, or VIMIE.

In the last several years, Wayne has returned to his childhood fascination to unlocking the secrets of gravitation, antigravity, inertia, and applying this to develop the future of interplanetary travel as well as changing how we can get around here. This effort to really learn and share publicly on Youtube, has opened up new possibilities and created new community he is grateful for. He hopes through his experiments, careful observation, study of others work, and prayer, to piece together the puzzle. He is driven by curiosity, inspired by the engineering and order he sees in natural things, and the one who designed it, and he enjoys sharing new knowledge with others. Wayne is mostly self taught in this field, but did complete a two-year Mechanical Engineering Technology program in his city in 2011.

6:00pm PT – Mark Sokol & Aidan Schaffer – Lab Updates

Mark Sokol and Aidan Schaffer will discuss the latest updates to the lab in preparation for their upcoming experiment marathon. This includes the addition of a Vacuum Vapor Deposition machine for thin-film metamaterial manufacturing for use in various experiments including Alzofon.

They will also attempt to manufacture the now infamous “UFO SKIN SAMPLE” consisting of Bismuth Zinc and Magnesium along with their oxide layers for test in the EPR Alzofon setup.

Additionally, they will also going to be giving the Podklenov Gravity Impulse Experiment another shot with a much more accurate replication including a custom-made acrylic vacuum chamber and massive Helmholtz coils.

Aidan will also present on his replication attempt of the Manelles thermoelectric conversion device and a custom-made magnet conditioner that allows the creation of scalar magnetic fields in a ferrite magnet.

7:00pm PT – Open Discussion

Conference guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time, and our presenters will be available to take questions & discuss experiments.


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• Jeremy Rys: Alien Scientist Website