APEC 8/5: Spin-Gravity, UAP Analysis & Panel Discussion

Conference Details

Dr. Raymond Chiao will discuss Spin-Gravity Coupling between EM & GR, Dr. Kevin Knuth will provide an analysis of the UAP Phenomenon & Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, our Panel Discussion will explore the changing narrative from US Congressional UFO Hearings, and Dr. John Brandenburg presents a theory of Mars Nuclear Catastrophe. We’ll also hear the latest updates from our lab partners, and finishing off the event with an open discussion session and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

12:00pm PT – Raymond Chiao – Spin-Gravity Coupling

Spin-torsion coupling via pairs of entangled electrons in a YIG ferrite sphere in the presence of a GR torsion wave: Spin-orbit coupling of electrons leads to GR-EM wave transduction. Dr. Chaio describes an experiment in which the spins of YIG ferrite spheres will behave like compass needles that are free to pivot as free bodies around the axes of the spheres at microwave frequencies

1:00pm PT – Kevin Knuth – Evidence That UAPs Are Advanced Non-Human Craft

Dr. Kevin Knuth will provide updates on his research into the UAP Phenomenon, along with evidence supporting his conclusion that at least some UAP are extraterrestrial spacecraft. His new findings UAP come at a critical time given recent whistleblower allegations & likely upcoming Congressional hearings on this topic. Dr. Knuth is considered one of the most credible and trusted investigators on the UAP phenomenon due to his reliance on hard data reported by US Navy pilots and military personnel.

2:00pm PT – Panel Discussion – Congressional UFO Hearings

Ever since the Nimitz UAP story made headlines back in 2017, the narrative has been focused on military pilot testimony, “Tic Tac” shaped objects, radar & sensor data, and DoD investigations. That changed in Jun 2023 when former intelligence officer David Grusch came forward with claims that the U.S. Government is engaged in reverse-engineering efforts of recovered UFOs and in possession of biological remains of non-human pilots. We’ll be doing a round-robin panel discussion of the current state of the UAP story and how it impacts the Alt Propulsion community.

3:30pm PT – Lab Partners – Experimental Research Updates

Michael Perrone will describe his replication work on the LK-99 Superconductor, including a detailed overview of the chemistry and crystal-growth process. Aidan Shaffer discusses metallurgy work on multi-layer metallic compounds, Jarod Yates discusses his upcoming trip to visit Ray Stanford, and Tim Ventura unboxes the GCP 2.0 RNG device.

4:00pm PT – Open Discussion Session

Conference Q&A sessions, general discussion, and unplanned presentations by guests & attendees will take place during APEC’s open discussion. This is a regular part of each conference and allows attendees to communicate, collaborate & update each other on research, trends, and news items important to the community.

5:00pm PT – John Brandenburg – Mars Nuclear Catastrophe

In an epic story of discovery, strong evidence is presented for a dead civilization on Mars and the shocking reason for its demise: an ancient planetary-scale nuclear massacre leaving isotopic traces of vast explosions that endure to our present age.


Links & Resources

• Cover Art: “Dissonance” by Tobias Roetsch
• Raymond Chiao: Spin-Coupling PDF
• Kevin Knuth: UAPs Are Advanced Non-Human Craft
• John Brandenburg: Mars Nuclear Catastrophe