APEC 9/11: Jack Sarfatti’s UAP Warp Drive & Tic Tac Tech

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During this special conference event, Dr. Jack Sarfatti discusses a new approach to warp-drive design utilizing gravitational metamaterials to create a low-power warp-drive based on the conventional & well-accepted principles of relativity theory. He also describes how this new model for warp-drive propulsion explains the reported flight performance of UAPs as described in the US Navy Nimitz encounters.

Part #1 – Jack Sarfatti – UAP Warp Drives & Tic Tac Technology

In 2020, Jack began collaborating with physics professor Keith Wanser, who formulated a specific expression for S(x) for any simple homogeneous isotropic material containing an external “pump” according to Einstein’s 1916 gravity classical field equation.

Jack cites Feynman’s Ch 23 Cal Tech Lectures in Physics on resonances in the forced dissipative harmonic oscillator, which led him to realize that a dissipative phase shift between the input electromagnetic field and the output gravitational field that is even more important than negative susceptibilities in creating the “negative energy” antigravity blue shift expansion of 3D space modeled by Alcubierre for warp drive.

That is, we can make low power warp drive fields using resonances in the metamaterial fuselages of the “Tic Tac” (UAV/UFO) controlling whether each meta-atom in the meta-material lattice generates a locally confined evanescent attractive gravity redshift (space contraction) or repulsive antigravity (space expansion) field by modulating the dissipative phase shifts describing the relative amounts of inelastic to elastic scattering of the input pump photons with the real electric charges inside the artificial meta-atoms.

Part #2 – Jack Sarfatti – UAP Warp Drives & Tic Tac Technology – Q&A

In this presentation, Dr. Jack Sarfatti answers audience questions relating to the engineerability of low-power warp-drive technology and offers insights into the engineerability of a UAP-like propulsion system. Jack also describes how his research has led to a physical understanding of the nature of consciousness.

Part #3 – Jack Sarfatti – UAP Warp Drives Physics – Q&A

Dr. Jack Sarfatti provides an extended overview of warp-drive physics in general relativity, and answers audience questions related to the fundamental principles of design & operation. Dr. Sarfatti also describes the quantum gravity Hawking-Unruh effect, which demands that we include all electric charges virtual ZERO POINT FLUCTUATIONS inside the quantum vacuum as well as the real electric charges inside the meta-atom nodes of the layered meta-surface fuselage.

He also discusses the role of effective macro-quantum coherent room temperature superconductors. The reason we need cryogenics in today’s superconducting technology is because they operate in thermodynamic equilibrium. However, Herbert Frohlich showed we can get effective room temperature superconductors (aka coherent Frohlich condensates) by pumping the meta-material into off-thermodynamic equilibrium (Prigogine nonlinear dissipative structures) resonances with the electromagnetic pump fields.

Part #4 – Jack Sarfatti – ET, Time-Travel & Consciousness – Q&A

Dr. Jack Sarfatti provides social & historical context for his scientific research into warp-drive design, and proposes that UAPs are likely time-travelers involved with modifying their by travel along geodesics in Closed timelike curves. Closed timelike curves (CTCs) are space-time trajectories that return to their starting point without violating the laws of special relativity. A traveler along a CTC could journey into the future but arrive in its past, creating a possible violation of the principle of causality. Dr. Sarfatti also discusses his relationship with pivotal figures in the the consciousness community in the 1960’s, such as his close relationship with Timothy Leary and other notable figures. Additionally, he discusses MKUltra and his past relationship with that project.


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