APEC 8/28: UAP Physics & NASA Superconductors

Conference Details

Kevin Knuth discusses UAP flight characteristics & physics, Tim Ventura discusses the UAP nuclear correlation, Glen “Tony” Robertson provides a historical overview of NASA’s superconductor gravity-control experiment & Dr. Ning Li’s obituary, and Kenneth Griggs & Drew O’Meara explain the model for Quantum Electrodynamics in PhOENIX Theory. We will also hear updates from Mark Sokol & Jeremy Rys on the recent TeslaTech 2021 Conference, and we’ll be finishing off the event with an open discussion and ad hoc presentations by conference attendees!

Part #1 – Tim Ventura – UAPs & Nukes: Exploring The Nuclear Correlation

Former AATIP member Luis Elizondo has described a “correlation” between UAP sightings and nuclear assets such as power plants, weapons depots, launch facilities, research labs, test sites, and nuclear powered aircraft carriers & submarines. In this presentation, APEC Conference Moderator Tim Ventura presents a review of 40 key UAP / UFO-nuclear incidents from 1945 to present, and touches upon the possible ramifications of this data as well as describing further research in this area by investigators such as Robert Hastings & Jacques Vallee.

Part #2 – Kevin Knuth – The Flight Characteristics and Physics of UAP

In September 2019 Dr. Knuth published, “Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified Aerial Vehicles” co-authored by Robert M. Powell and Peter Reali. More recently, he presented “The Flight Characteristics and Physics of UAP” which expands on his original analysis, and was presented at the SCU Conference. In our event, he will discuss the physics & flight characteristics of UAP, and explore the “5 observables of UAPs“, which are positive lift, Sudden Acceleration, Hypersonic Velocity without Signatures, Trans-Medium Travel, and Low Observability.

Part #3 – Kevin Knuth – The Flight Characteristics and Physics of UAP – Q&A Session

Dr. Kevin Knuth answers questions related to his presentation.

Part #4 – Glen “Tony” Robertson – The NASA Superconductor Gravity Team

In the mid-2000’s, NASA attempted a replication of Eugene Podkletnov’s rotating superconductor experiment. During this attempt, NASA enlisted the help of Podkletnov in recreating the classic “superconductive gravity shield”, in which a rotating superconductor which was claimed to create a beam of reduced gravity above it extending up dozens or perhaps hundreds of feet, along with key scientists including Dr. Ning Li, Ron Koczor, and Tony Robertson. In this presentation, Tony describes for us the challenges NASA encountered while trying to recreate this experiment, and we also discuss the recent obituary for Dr. Ning Li of Huntsville, AL, who passed peacefully away on July 27, 2021 at the age of 79 years old.

Part #5 – Glen “Tony” Robertson – The NASA Superconductor Gravity Team – Q&A Session

Tony Robertson answers questions related to his presentation.

Part #6 – Mark Sokol – Superconductor Gravity Shield Demo

Mark Sokol follows up Tony Robertson’s presentation on superconductor gravity research with an impromptu replication attempt similiar to the Podkletnov rotating superconductor experiment. The superconductor size, rotation speed, and applied fields used by Sokol are critically different than those reported by Podkletnov, but Sokol nonetheless effectively demonstrates many of the challenges involved with attempting to create, cool, and spin a YBCO superconductor.

Part #7 – Kenneth Griggs – Quantum Electrodynamics in PhOENIX Theory

Ken Griggs & Drew O’Meara discuss PhOENIX Theory, the Physics Of Entanglement, Networks & Information eXchanges. In this presentation, they will be discussing how they derive the principles of Quantum Electro-Dynamics using this physical & mathematical model, and provide insights into practical applications for new technologies as a result of the model’s predictions.

Part #8 – Kenneth Griggs – Quantum Electrodynamics in PhOENIX Theory – Q&A Session

Ken Griggs & Drew O’Meara answer questions related to their presentation.

Part #9 – TeslaTech, Roswell & Open Discussion

Mark Sokol & Jeremy Rys discuss their trip TeslaTech 2021 and followup visit to the Roswell crash site, the purchase of surplus scientific equipment from government salvage, and Mark presents a followup demonstration of his superconductor experiment after re-calibrating his scale. Guests interested in presenting experimental info to the group are invited to participate at this time, and our presenters will be available to take questions & discuss experiments.


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